Tomorrow's E: Could contain Meth...

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  1. Alright one of my friends picked up some E pills. They are blue supermans, which I have heard often contain Meth. I have done E before, but don't know about the meth. Is it a bad idea to take these? If im rolling, what are some signs that it contained some meth? I don't know if they have any in them, but i've read on some websites saying that blue supermans sometimes have meth in them.
  2. If it has meth in it, at least enough of it for you to notice, you will feel very energetic, your mind will be racing usually in a euphoric manner, you will grow hot and sweat most likely, and you may get a knot in your stomach, the kind that tells you not to eat. Unfortunately alot of those symptoms are similer to E in and of it'self, unless you have done both seperately it will be hard for you to know the difference simply by my description :(
  3. isn't there a site to find ingredients in ecstacy? like or something? check that out...
  4. You'll be able to tell if you done a lot of E before. The meth is pretty powerful, you'll be VERY awake and energetic. I prefer coke-based E over meth-based, because the meth is so powerful that to an extent it overpowers the MDMA/MDA.

    It's not a bad idea to take them at all. Just because you hear "meth" doesn't mean that it's an evil pill that's gonna kill you. You're not gonna get addicted to meth because of the meth in your E pill or anything. The large majority of ecstasy pills have another drug as their "base." Coke, heroin, and meth are all common bases. The pill is very rarely pure MDMA or MDA.

    You can look up ecstasy pills on, but just because the logo/color of the pill are the same doesn't mean they've got the same ingredients. Different producers will use different ingredients in the pills. Fuck, I could probably press a bunch of dried semen into a pill with a little Superman logo on it.
  5. i already visited and, and thats the basis of my assumption that they may contain meth. No one has told me that the pills i have contain meth, i just noticed that many of the same kind on those sites contain meth. I have done E 5 times, so I might not be able to tell the difference yet. Oh well... I guess we'll see tomorrow and maybe I can get on here and give you guys a report during my roll.
  6. The thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't really matter if the pill contains meth or not. All it really does is make for a different type of roll experience.
  7. if you are hardcore enough to take E, why care if it has meth in it?
  8. what do you think the A in mdma stands for, E has meth in its chemical compound but if i knew there was other shit i would let someone do one and then think about it
  9. good fucking point man.
  10. exactly

    its not a big deal anyway

    if you've taken adderall at any point or sudafed/ephedra you've taken something similar

    smoking meth is what produces many of its horrible effects (fast addiction craving ect)

    ingesting meth isn't that bad it produces similar effects to mdma without much of the ethogenic loving open/closeness to it

    usually 'bad' (not bunk or crap) average pills that contain speed contain a small amount to offset a lower (<70mg dose) dose in each pill

    so someone will cut a single normal dose from one tablet to 2 and add a dash of speed to make you feel mor euphoria with enhancements to the subtle mdma dose

    its not that bad...just enjoy the tablet

    Edit - fe...actually there have been no cited cases of heroin laced mdma tablets haven't seen any for coke either

    its usually speed dob 2cb dmt and other similar drugs or pure mdma mdea mda ect with inactive binders to press the tablet

    weigh them when you buy and feel out how much mdma like rushes it gives and guess from there or get a test kit

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