Tomorrow I'm going to start donating plasma.

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    I've been jobless for about a month and a half now, and I finally ran outta money. I originallly came up with the idea for weed money but now its gonna be the only money getting me to and from school :(. What a great nation where you can work your ass off being a full time student, be actively seeking a job, but you can still almost not be able to get to feed yourself or get to fuckin school because you have so little money. God bless America.
  2. I think you get more for semen, if you're that desperate check it out, I guess. Or rob people, those are your choices.
  3. you gotta be qualified to donate semen, and i dont rob
  4. i was just fucking looking at this! and then i clicked to this tab and saw this thread. lol

    apparently it takes 40-100 min though. that is a looooong fuckin time
  5. Isn't doing this kind of unhealthy or some shit? I don't know man, sell something you own.

    And I was jk bout the robbing thing, robbin people is beat
  6. I don't donate plasma, just haven't made the leap to try it yet. A lot of my buddies do it though, I want to say they make around $45 dollars a time, and you can go twice a week. Or is it once a week? I'm not certain, but either way, thats enough gas for 2 weeks of driving, or an eigth. Good luck Sub, let me know how it goes man. I think there is one over by University Ave and 280 but I could in incorrect.
  7. I've donated plasma a few times back when money was hard. You can do it every other 2 days if you really need to, but that seems like it would be too often. Your body needs some time to heal. Yeah, you usually get like 40 bucks for each session, and they last about an hour or so. I didn't mind the needle or anything, i just fucking hated the saline solution they inject into you afterwards. It's this liquid that's meant to replace fluids in your body, but it's cold as fuck, and you'll probably ended up shivering for good 10 minutes.
  8. yeah its normally 50 dollars a week somehow, whether 20 first visit 30 next, or 25 a piece.

    either way its enough for a track of dro around here

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