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Tomb Raider

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by I3 Eazy, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. just picked it up today game seems legit, played a couple of hours and its enjoyable last game i played was arkham city and i rarely like s/p games but these 2 are awesome
  2. I just got it and I'm not real far into it wont have time to really play it until this weekend but DAMN! Those graphics are sick I loaded it up and got to the point of getting my bow has a very uncharted feel to it. I'm most likely going to love this game.

    I played the first tomb raider and a few others released afterwards and never really liked the way the game felt but this direction on it and story seem great.
  3. yeah think im about 16% now, real good think they said campaign is about 14 - 16 hours
  4. Got it this morning. Not had a chance to play it yet, but I'm pretty excited about it! I thought it looked like crap all throughout the previews and trailers, but I've only heard good things about it. Fingers crossed it isn't pap.
  5. I was excited to see square Enix pick it up. Looks tons better than previous titles. The cinematic camera mode looks like it will be dope. Graphics look stunning
  6. I played tomb raider 1, 2 and 3 growing up. They were so much fun. Maybe I'll try this one.

    Omega369 :wave:
  7. Played an hour or two just now. It seems pretty great, but it's too early to tell. Looks like it's relying on a lot of open world style mechanics - crafting weapon upgrades, unlocking new abilities etc. but so far the gameplay has been pretty linear despite a few paths to take that lead to loot.
  8. Got about 3 hours into the game now, I am really enjoying it the story has been very enthralling so far.

    Gameplay wise the game plays great the only thing that bothers me is the lvling/gear upgrading system and menu systems they just feel I don't know I guess just not right. Short of that though I haven't found any flaws that are bothering me.

    I had just got finished polishing off 2 bowls of some good nugs and hash around the time I got caught in the bear trap and the wolves came for me. That was an intense battle for me my wife was watching me and we were both on the edge of our seats, Thankfully the last wolf comes in slow motion cause even in slow motion my stoned ass missed 2 shots!

  9. The levelling and upgrade systems did feel a bit pants to me too when I started. I like them now though, after about 3 hours. I don't see anything wrong with them, they're simple and do what they say. Fairly satisfying, not convoluted at all. I don't see any issues. I like simplicity though, I'm someone who hated Skyrim's levelling mechanics.

    I'm loving the game now, and I'm about 25% through. Everything feels polished. It isn't exactly free roam, it's more like individual levels with a decent amount of paths to choose, but which all lead to the same conclusion, but you can return to areas to get things you missed (think Arkham Asylum.)
  10. Initially I ignored this as recent tomb raider games have been shit but this actually looks good.

    Shall be playing through it soon, looking forward to a decent single player game to waste my time on for a bit. Nothing's filled that gap since Far Cry 3 (not really a multiplayer kinda guy...)
  11. What I want to know is this. How similar is it to Uncharted? I think Uncharted was lots of fun but I don't want to buy something and feel like it doesn't add much to what I've already played. Not saying Tomb Raider is an Uncharted rip off, obviously it is not.
  12. True enough, like I said I think I'm just being picky I like detailed lvling systems but its a 3rd person shooter so whatever :D

    Similar in the 3rd person shooter aspect, Climbing feels just about the same as well, the environmental details/how stuff falls apart while your climbing also reminds me a lot of drakes. The way the story plays out and how it pulls you into the action feels similar as well.

    Doesn't feel like a direct attempt to steal ideas or anything and I like the fact that the climbing is similar to drakes in those regards because it was done so well in drakes.

    If they stay in this direction and released more TR's like this I would be more than happy to buy them :D
  13. i agree with above absolutely loving it more and more i actually enjoy putting it on and will go back to collect missed items, and for me that says alot i dont usually like sp's arkham city amazing game but didnt feel like doing the side missions or collectibles :(
  14. What do you think are some of the things that set Tomb Raider apart from Uncharted?

  15. Lara Croft = boner for straight men
    Drake = boner for gay men and het women
  16. Haha I hope you can have the camera in the front while she's running. :devious:

  17. Story more than anything so far I haven't played enough to really judge properly but they have a leveling system and weapon building system that drakes didn't have. The combat does feel different its still over the shoulder 3rd person shooter but Lara automatically hides behind stuff you can't dive and throw your back against barriers or anything like Uncharted. (It automatically hides you behind objects)

    As far as the game setting itself apart from Uncharted, Its kind of hard to really seperate the two I mean TR was released back in the day as a temple explorer/action puzzle game.... Uncharted is the same concept so your going to find a lot of similarity in them because of this. Kind of like asking what the key differences are between college football sport games and NFL football sports games. Are they different games? Yep, Do they have a lot in common? Oh yes.

    Hope that helps :D
  18. [quote name='"Johnny Cash"']What I want to know is this. How similar is it to Uncharted? I think Uncharted was lots of fun but I don't want to buy something and feel like it doesn't add much to what I've already played. Not saying Tomb Raider is an Uncharted rip off, obviously it is not.[/quote]

    Have you even played ? This game is awesome tight tight graphics ......

    Different types of challenges ....not the same thing over and over

    Different scenery ....

    Multiplayer is cool too
  19. I agree it's going to be hard to make such a game that's completely different from Uncharted. But I'm sure they realized this and did their best to make a game that doesn't feel like you're just playing Uncharted again. Would you play this game if you just recently played Uncharted (like me)?

    No I haven't played that's why I asked. I am a sucker for good graphics but Uncharted also has great graphics IMO.
  20. I fucking love Tomb Raider. I'm enjoying the game so far, always been a huge fan.

    Got to cosplay in work for the release day of Tomb Raider,


    it's not the best, but I didn't have a lot of time to get it together. Thank fuck it wasn't another midnight launch lol

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