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  1. Grow Room Setup/Equipment:
    -[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Grow box is 2ft x 2ft x 2ft. Constructed of ¼” plywood and lined with aluminum foil.
    -[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Soil: % 70 Miracle Grow Organic Potting Soil
    % 20 Perlite
    % 5 Blood Meal (13-0-0)
    % 5 Bone Meal(1-11-0)
    Planted into a 2gal bucket.
    -[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Lighting:
    Vegetative Stage:4 x 23 watt (100 watt incandescent equivalent) Daylight CFL's
    Flowering Stage:4 x 23 watt (100 watt incandescent equivalent) Soft White 2700K CFL's
    Lights are on an 18/6 schedule since seed. They are approx 2”-4” away from top of plant

    Grow Log:
    8/31/2009- Planted non germinated seed 1” below surface of soil.
    9/2/2009- Seedling has sprouted.
    9/4/2009- Second and third fan leaves have arrived.
    9/12/2009- Continued growth. I got a little ambitious today and tried to LST her. It worked in the sense that I didn't break the stem, but I realized it was way too early for LST so I untied her.
    9/14/2009- The failed LST attempt produced some interesting results, notes on that later. Shes filling out nicely. Overall height isn't impressive but she seems to be growing outward not up. This is ideal for limited space.
    9/15/2009- Arrival of secondary and tertiary colas. Decided to go out and buy Miracle Grow All-Purpose Plant Food (12-4-8). Added ¼ serving to 1.5 L of water and fed her half.
    9/19/2009- Added the other half of the nutrient solution.
    9/20/2009- Amateur Mistake! I didn't shake the solution, and the ferts settled to the bottom. She responded to the first feeding well, but on the second she went downhill. I noticed yellow/brown spots on her. I burned her with the nutes. I gave her some more water to help dilute the concentration in the soil, but at this point shes had a ton of water and I'm afraid I might have drowned her.
    9/22/2009- She has perked back up looking green as ever. Also, I have not noticed any new burn spots so I think I corrected my mistake.
    9/24/2009- Today she was looking very green and healthy, really filing out. This time she was ready for LST so I tied her down. Within two hours, the biggest fan leaves were already pointing up again. Hopefully I didn't hurt her too much tying her down.

    Overall Plant Health: 8.5/10

    Tomorrow, 9/25, I'm going to switch her over to 12/12 to begin the flowering stage. She has not shown any signs of sex yet, I SHOULD know the sex a week from tomorrow, 10/2.

    I don't have a camera except for the one on my phone, so the quality isn't too hot but its better than nothing.

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  2. i decided to move her to a bigger pot for flowering, but i think i fucked it up. When i got her out of the pot i noticed the roots were already spreading around the bottom of the pot. A deec chunk of root came off and a few were poking out of the surface. Is this really bad/ is there anything i can do to help her recover?
  3. Sorry I may be misunderstanding - A small chunk of dirt/root fell off the bottom after you removed the plant from it's first container?

    As long as it was only a little portion of the root/dirt that fell off, you should be fine, just make sure you correctly replanted it. I used to get clumsy all the time after I had removed the first container, holding a big rootball in my hand I'd always end up losing a little bit, but they bounced back after a little bit of stunt.

    Also, I dont think Aluminum foil is ideal for reflectivity. If I were you I would either go grab some reflective Mylar, or just simply paint the inside of your grow area a flat white. In my experience, the aluminum foil only serves to create hotspots, and really isn't all that reflective.

    Good luck with the rest of the grow man.
  4. thanks for the advice dude, much appreciated. her growth slowed a little but overall the transplant was a success. i put the 4 23 watt soft white CFL's in and began 12/12 today.
    theyre cell phone pics but better than nothing

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