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  1. Song I heard today. "So let's get to the point, let's roll another joint." Yep, good idea.
  2. Dude writes cool songs, that's for sure!! :smoking:
  3. Hell yah i know which album you mean =)


  4. he's my favorite
  5. i second that notion....
    time to roll a joint, and, tom petty does rock :)
  6. Tom Petty rocks. He puts on a pretty damn good show as well. If you have a chance to catch him live I'd strongly suggest it :)
  7. i think he's pretty cool
    doesn't he have quite a few songs with drug references in them? there's that song last dance with mary jane, and cocaine... hmm
    i almost got to see him live, but it was sold out :(
  8. heard the song while i was on the phone today
  9. haha, i showed it to you cradle.. tom petty is cool as hell.
  10. Drove 4 hours and paid $237 to sit 10th row center on the Wildflowers tour. The man is good. The band is better! Mike Campbell is the most effective yet understated guitarist I know! I'd gladly pay the money to see him again!
  11. "time to move on, time to keep goin, one last hit i have no way of knowin"

    "learning to fly, but i aint got wings, comin down is the hardest thing"

    pot and acid & shrooms

  12. i like how tom petty writes about the good things in life in a classy sort of way. he never really says "get high". although the radio likes to change the lyrics now and then.

    "lets get to the point, lets roll another joint" or lets get to the point, lets hit another joint" guess which one is the radio version?

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