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  1. has anyone else here read "The Four Agreements", or is reading it now?

    Have just started it, and am finding it very wonderful in helping me with my understanding of God.

    If anyone would like to discuss the book or the philosophy with me.... bring it on... lol.... :)
  2. What's it about?
  3. yeah, what's it about.

    I'll happily whitle on about philosophy. but you'll have to put up with a perception that hasn't (unlike u) read that book.
  4. I have only started the study of this area, but I am finding it extremely helpful.

    the study/discipline focuses on relization that nothing in this world is as it seems (duh!), and using this relization to free yourself from the constant stress that we put ourselves under for the sake of "society".

    It details chapter by chapter, the different attitudes that you can adopt, the different phrases you use in your head when evaluating a situation, and generally being nice to yourself.

    It is an interesting collection, packed with what I have called common sense statements, many of which we as a Society have forgotten over time.

    The one that has worked wonders for me is:
    "Don't take statements/attitudes personal."
    "Don't make assumptions."

    I have adopted these two things into my day to day life, and you would be amazed at the difference.

    If you are interested.... the book is called THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, by Don Miguel Ruiz; there is also a companion book you can read to help clarify the writtings if you need it (helpful, but mainly a repeat of the actual book) called THE FOUR AGREEMENTS COMPANION BOOK.

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