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Tolorence break questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Neovolrath, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. ive been smoking everyday for about 4.5 years now... and am on my first break (its day2 atm) and ive heard of people talking about semi withdraw effects.... i havent noticed any... but was wondering does everyone expierence them? if so how long into the break? and how long do they last? im only on a break for a week or two (getting a job plus dad caught me... he didint say dont do it, just dont bring it to his house ;p) btw im 22 (lol yeah i still live at home, but im moving out within 1.5 months.
  2. first couple days would be when you might have some withdrawl, but if you havent already, then you're prolly good.
  3. The first time that I stopped smoking for an extended period of time I have a lot of withdrawels, but it was kinda enhanced by my depression/anxiety. I just straight up felt like shit... headaches and whatnot. Its been awhile since then and can't really remember all the symptoms, but i was also extremely irritable.

    Now when I stop i dont experience that
  4. when i first stopped, for awhile, for the first 5 days i aint eat alot, and i couldnt sleep. IF u work out it makes it alot easier.
  5. The first couple days i'd say are the wonder what to do at the times when you would ususally be smoking

    i couldn't get to sleep some nights when i was on a break, but that's about it. my appetite wasn't large either cause smoking helped me eat enough food everyday

    if you find other things to keep your mind off buying a bag and getting blunted, breaks are a breeze :smoking:
  6. I am on t-break to bro. I have noticed that I get angry over the stupidest things. My back is very achey and sore. The first two nights I had insomnia(sp?) and I during the days I can't find anything to do and most things don't entertain me the same as if I was smoking weed.
  7. please use the 'search' feature.... this question has been covered countless times......
  8. dude withdrawl sucks. I would much rather smoke and be happy then be sober and stressed.

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