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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pretender, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. I'd like to hear what some veteran smokers have to say as far as tolernace going up and notg etting the high you get when you start (first 10 times oror so). Becuase i havent smoke dth at long but ui can tell my tolenrace has gone up abtu ium still pretty ripped. i miss the dreams i used ot have while i was awake it was aamazing but this si still tight. how long does it take tolerance to get high and how much does it affect the high.
  2. i wouldnt call myself a veteran, but after about 6 months of 1-5 times daily smoking i started to feel some tolerance.. its cool though, because your high gets a lot more mellow and trippy. its almost more enjoyable than just being tripping out and 'fucked up', like i was when i first started

    and i think not getting high when you start has nothing to do with tolerance.. im guessing you just dont know what to look for, so you dont notice the high very well. also, remember that lots of people start on joints and cant inhale worth shit :)

    anyways, keep smoking :D
  3. Im no vetran either but, after smoking a while (6 mnths of free weed we got from this girl who stole it from her mom a 1/2oz every day) I noticed my tolerance has to gone up but I agree with Phil in some instances it can be more enjoyable because you learn to control ur high rather then being totally worthless, but I do miss the trips I used to get from weed :eek:( but thats OK!! There is always Krippie (for those of you who dont know what this is it is just a generalization used in my home town to describe "Da good shit"

  4. now i have been smoking forat least 4 years now, 1-10 times daily. i don't get as high as i used to but i still enjoy.
  5. lol. i started off on a naturally high tolerance. my first time getting stoned (not the first time smoking), my friend and i killed 7 dimes of skunk, and i took some LSD... fun stuff. lol. since then it's taken more and more weed to get me as high (i don't smoke anymore)... but yeah. i got a lot of really euphoric highs when i'd smoke a good sativa. not the kind where you're just trashed... but the kind where you feel really great and you're just really high. lol
  6. im a vet of 25 yrs

    something iv learned dry spells are good for you!

    And in the famous words of the great & powerful Gallager!

    to smoke more dope when your already high ,

    dosent get you any higher ,

    just lower on dope!!!!!!

    great words to live by.

    good spirits to ya patch
  7. I usually try getting a completely different kind of weed that i've been getting like i'll get it from a different guy or i tell my hookup to find me some different stuff and it's a whole new high, then when i feel like i dont get that high of this stuff anymore then i'll switch again
  8. moderate your usage.........any questions? ..LEARN SOME RESPECT FOR THE GIFT......


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