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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by philevans1992, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hey GC,
    So ive been thinking about going on a t-break, and i was talking to my friend about it and he was saying that i should take a 30-day break, and that by that time ittl all be flushed outta my system and then ill hav ea low tolerance again. But that got me thinking..

    Is tolerance a physical thing or a mental thing?

    For example, could i forego the 30-day break, and instead just use naicin, etc to get clean in a few days? would that bring my tolerance right back down?

    Or do i need to take time off so that my brain is used to not being high?
  2. Probably a combination of both but i don't recommend Naicin makes your body itch SO much
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    your body builds up a resistance to the cannabinoids in weed... it just means you have to take more to get high. much like any other substance.

    You can either consume more or take a break and let your body flush your system out and renew your tolerance.

    personally every once in a while i take a week or two off. Unless you smoke more then an 8th a day you will notice a very big difference after about a week.

    also work out and dink a lot of water and tea
  4. so as long as there is no THC left in my body, my tolerance is at 0?
  5. Nah, its not a mental thing. After you stop smoking, the cannabanoid receptors repair themselves and after about, a month, they're far more efficient and react better to the THC that goes into your body when you smoke again, thus getting you higher.

  6. That is the Flush effect of niacin, but it is actually really good for you. Especially if you dont have a very good diet, the typical american diet is horrible for you. (Fast food, processed foods, frozen dinners, sweets, etc...) Niacin has an acid called Nicotinic Acid that dilates your small blood vessels and capillaries. It also increases your HDLs (good cholestrol that cleans your arteries) and lowers the bad cholestrol like tri-glycerides.

    By the way, Niacin wont speed up the process that much maybe by a few days. Sweating is really good to get rid of THC though. i have read some studies that say you cant really sweat out toxins, but I have also read studies that say there are some toxins in your sweat, so you must be able to sweat out some. Sometimes its hard to separate fact from fiction. I have a read another study that proves THC comes out in sweat for at least 2 weeks after stopping smoking. (Subjects wore sweat absorbing patches and patches were tested using chromatography for THC.) My best friends bro is on probation, and he says that he just sweats alot when he has a test, he has never failed a test.

    Whether or not THC tolerance is a physical or mental thing I dont know, probably both. Ex: new smokers freak out a lot more, thus being able to handle the high is part of experience. For all I know your lung capacity could be a factor as well. When you inhale smoke it kills the cilia in your lungs which absorb oxygen and THC (dont know if it sitting in your lungs will cause you to absorb it in large amounts) Either way I bet if you take the 30 days you will get much more high. Also THC is stored in your fat and when you burn fat it gets released into your blood, so maybe having it in your system contributes to tolerance.

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