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  1. What's up guys.
    New poster and long time lurker.

    Well I just wanted to get you guys opinion on something. I recently got busted by the cops for simple possesion. Long story short, I was on my one hour break from work, and was smoking a bowl while riding to the gas station. I get pulled over for speeding, the cop smelt marijuana, searched the car, and now I am in a program called PTI (pre-trial intervention) so that I can get this shit taken off of my record.

    Well I had to quit smoking so that I am able to pass all my drug test. It has been really, really hard. I quit on August 13th, I smoked a philly titan and used it to roll a half ounce. I'm not going to be able to smoke again until December 13th, so I was wondering will this effect my tolerance very greatly? Will I feel like I am smoking for the first time all over again? I'm really hoping for it, because we all know that when we first started smoking the feeling was so much more absurdly great than what it seemed to become, even though I love it all in the same.

    So I was wanting to perhaps get some ideas from any of you have taken a break.
  2. Yeh man, a 4 month ( you quit in august right?) tolerence break will be awesome. While quiting sucks, You'll release it was a great idea. Those first couple hits back from a tolerence break... You get hammered. Like your eyes will melt shut, and all you can do is laugh. It's a wonderful thing.

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