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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EscapingMILife, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Smoked for the first time last week, 3 blunts over three days, will my tolerance be too high for me to use a one hitter and get high?
  2. Nah, you're fine. Weed doesn't have a very quick tolerance buildup. It will eventually, of course, start to rise if you continue smoking on a regular basis, but you'll be fine with your one hitter. :smoke:
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  3. Yeah you're fine.

    But as an old stoner, i can say that you will never get your original tolerance back, so keep it to a minimum if you want to enjoy it in the long run.

    I'll make an example; my cousin has been smoking longer than I have (25 years vs my 20 years), it takes about 3 times more cannabis to get me high than her.
    She NEVER smoked more than 1 bowl a night, while my friends and I did stupid smoke competitions and smoked 1 or 2 grams in a single hit.

    She saves much more money and cannabis and gets much more high off the same amount.
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  4. I had regrets after smoking such large amounts, ill be sticking to .5 max a night or a single hit. I was too high off a full joint my first time. Room was spinning crazy and I couldn't maintain a conversation
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  5. I did a 3 year tolerance break (mandatory) and thought I would return to virgin lungs. Nope, was no different than a 2 week tolerance break.
    1st night is awesome, next day it's like I never did the break.
  6. This. Tolerance back in full the day after smoking again after a break.
  7. My buddy studies the brain (neuro something) for a living and does addiction studies and explained that the brain never forgets, like heroine addicts can quit for 40 years but suddenly 1 hit and it's over.
  8. I respectfully disagree with your perspective. There's been a lot of new research on addiction and drugs and it seems to be pretty clear that environment dictates addiction more then the actual drug. Professional clinical studies found here regarding addiction

    Further scientific data is out there as well but the above video is factual and the cartoon viewing is to help people more easily understand....

    Just like the war on drugs....our thinking is all wrong.
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  9. As a recovering addict, all I can really say is that you cannot and will not be able to comprehend the mental and physical aspects of a true addiction unless you have experienced the hell for yourself. You become a slave to it. It consumes your mind and body. Nothing else matters except your next score because it becomes a physical necessity, and it no longer becomes about being high but rather being able to function. I've been clean for half a year and I still crave it just so I don't have to face my emotions, despite the damage it has done to me and everybody who's important to me.
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  10. Good post my man. Stay clean.
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  11. Tolerance means your capacity to withstand something before reaching your threshold. Threshold defines your limits of functionality. If you have a tolerance to big macs, but still choose to eat 5 a week, you will get the physical symptoms of being fat. You can prevent that, but tolerance is a bitch to people with zero inhibition to start. Weaknesses like inability to say no or stop are bs excuses to remain a victim to your own self neglect and pity. Addiction on the physical level means you abuse tools to physically, intravenously, stimulate your senses. Sketch unmentionables will have you in the psych ward in no time cleaning up your act. Weed will have you unemployed and scraping for change under the sofa...should you lack the tolerance to holding a job, that is.

    stereotypes remain unbroken until you encounter them and change something for yourself.
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  12. None of the stoners I know are jobless, actually they are constantly hustling and working. How do you think they pay for their stash? Just my experience though

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