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  1. Hey guys. So I just got my mflb about 3 weeks ago and have been using it 1-2 times a day since then. I dont get super high rach day though, i usually just take like 3 good hits of dank. My main reason i dont vape more is cause i dont want much of a tolerance. I love getting super high when i want to haha.

    Before I got the mflb I didn't really smoke. With my usage I have already noticed a slight tolerance. So what are your guys tolerance and how much do you vape?
  2. Tolerance is a mysterious subject...I look forward to seeing other's responses.

    I don't vape every day, so my tolerance hasn't really increased noticeably over time - other than when I first started the start, three hits and I was out. Now, .1-.15 grams is all I need for a solid 3 hour high. .2 is too intense for me to do just about anything, and I've never really gone over that. But I'd say I'm a very low-dose user.

    It also depends a lot on the vape. I can get blazed off under .1 with my Volcano...but for every other piece I've used I need more. MFLB works pretty well for me, efficiency wise. Pax is fantastic, too...though it doesn't work as well with small loads, compared to the Volcano and MFLB.

    I make a real effort not to develop a substantial tolerance to any drug, thus I don't consistently vape more than 2-3 times a week. For me, getting high lets me appreciate being sober, and being sober lets me appreciate being high. Too much of being high and the point is kinda lost. It's fun, but not productive...not really getting me anywhere. But I have friends who are literally high all day every day, and they love it! Everyone balances everything differently.
  3. maybe you can mix it with some sceletium tortuosum, it's a potentiator for cannabis and you can find on ebay. It's a different high , but people say it goes well with weed. never tried it myself though. It's allso called kanna. I've read some people halved their cannabis usage , so lower usage would mean less tolerance build up.

  4. Wow...that looks really interesting. Anyone ever tried that stuff?

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