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Tolerance, Myth or Real?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FollowYourBliss, May 14, 2011.

  1. The mystical Tolerance, Some say its real some say its not.

    The idea of it is the more you smoke the more you gotta smoke to get high.
    I quite frankly don't believe this nor do I think theres scientific studies that prove its real.

  2. It's true. No studies to throw out there, only my own experience with it. Tolerance is definitely there though :'(
  3. they busted this on mythbusters on 420 last year..
    jk but that would be pretty cool haha
    but yeah bro, tolerance is legit,
  4. very, very sad.
    but very, very real.

  5. well its for sure real...
  6. LOL, tolerance is very, very real my friend. That's why its good to take a break sometimes, to allow your tolerance to go down so you get high easier.

    Know how I know tolerances are real? Because those addicted to pain killers need more and more to get the same high. The same is with marijuana, when you smoke frequently your body adapts to it and needs more to get the same high.
  7. please do not tell me im not this tbreak for nothing...
  8. lmao
    yes its real
  9. Well, like anything, the more you're used to feeling a certain way, the more this feeling is normal to you. The same concept applies to getting high. If you have no sober time to benchmark your high with then how do you know what being high feels like? Hope that makes sense :smoke:
  10. I really don't think that tolerance is a real thing.
  11. I"it's all in ya mind"
  12. If you don't believe in tolerance you haven't smoked enough weed to form an opinion yet. /thread
  13. I'd say it's pretty real first hand.

  14. I smoked dank twice a day every day for a year. My tolerance did not change at all. If you've smoked so much that you have a ridiculous tolerance then you need to stop smoking asap and get your life together.
  15. I think theres more than enough evidence to say tolerance exists...In fact, I didnt even know there was a debate on this
  16. If you say its not real, then your foolish because its very very real. And just because you have yet to experience first hand or are in denial doesn't make it not stoner FACT.

  17. You are "foolish". Not everyone has a tolerance despite how much then have smoked. That doesn't mean it's a fact that it doesn't exist, but all our brains are wired differently.
  18. Dude, its simple science. If you ingest a chemical, your body will adjust to it. Over time, you body wont react to it like the first time you did it.

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