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Tolerance Issues/Medical Issues - Advice?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SeaDub, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I've been using MJ for about a year now therapeutically (as apposed to "medically" since I'm not in a "medical state") for PTSD, muscle spasms, and chronic back pain. I've chosen to vape primarily and use edibles occasionally.

    I popped pills before I discovered how MJ could help me and enjoyed constipation, stomach issues, body aches, etc. before my wife (who uses for symptoms of an autoimmune disease) convinced me to give it a try...(I used recreationally back in the day)

    I've gotten to the point that I used to refer to as "burn out" back in the day. My tolerance is so high that I just sit there hitting the vape for an a hour before I start to feel even a little mediated.

    I tried taking a few days off (I hadn't one longer than probably 12 hours before this) and couldn't sleep as well as had my chronic medical issues (especially the back pain).

    Taking just two days seemed to help a little; it still just sucks that I have to sit here and vape a couple grams before I feel anything!

    Any tips? Thanx!
  2. Most people find they have a tolerance build to a strain more than just mj in general. I also found that vaping never really got me that high, I prefer to smoke :)
  3. Try a different vape temp(high temp vs low temp), different strain and try to limit yourself to maybe a half gram a day for a few days to get it lower.

    Edibles are going to bring your tolerance levels way high. To laying off them an cape only.
  4. That's my strategy now. Just vape at a minimum and stay away from everything else. I'm considering smoking for a week to switch it up (Although I hate smoking! I'm pretty athletic and it kills my lungs).

    I'm also gonna switch up our strains. I usually use a sativa/sativa dom hybrid for daytime and a good indica for night.

    Thanks for the input!
  5. Since you use alot of sativas your tolerance to CBD should be quite low. Get some nice idicas for a nice body buzz. Also vape at higher temp or smoke if using indicas
  6. Smoke that Vaped weed! I'm serious! If you use the Vaporizer alot and you smoke a lot of sativas, what's left in the vaped weed is something else. I usually get a nug of something good and mix it with vaped weed in a joint. OMG--a completely different high.

    I have a high tolerance myself. Been smoking a lot every day for months. I find changing it up helps...a new strain, a new method, a new combination. I'm chasing the good ol' days. We just bought these hash cookies. I haven't felt this pure of a high for months. 2 cookies does me good for many hours. Edibles don't usually do it for me, but these cookies do.

    Also try making a tincture. Try the peanutbutter recipe on this site. Try anything new.

    I think your idea to break is on the right track. I'm just suggestion you try to find something new.
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    I pretty much agree with everyone else man. Switch up the strain, as I personally build up tolerance to specific strains. Also, maybe shop around dispensaries in your area and find who has the most potent meds.

    Increasing the temp on your vape can help also as THC vapes at a lower temp compared to most of the other cannabinoids, so you may get a fuller feeling high as you'll get more than just THC out of it.

    I know you'd like to stay away from smoking, but if it comes to it, you can always sprinkle or smear a small amount of some good hash on top of a bowl.

    Good luck.
  8. damn is it really true that edibles build up the tolerance faster? thats bad since i don't like to smoke due to the lungs :(
  9. Woah, is it actually true that different strains can get around tolerances???? If so, that is rad.

    And yes, increasing the temp of the vape works... but I dunno if you can ever go back, I know I'm at 380 and haven't left it for a while now.
  10. Edibles kill it for most people I know when they are doing strong edibles. Once made a batch of super strong cookies (60 of them), day one ate 2, at the end of the week 5. On that note though, I wonder if tinctures do if used sublingually since it's bypassing the liver?

    Different strains have a change because you are getting other cannabnoids that you would not always get from "the same strain", as well as terpernoids (spell?) and other compounds with marijuana.
  11. I switched to a couple strains that I've never had before (Trainwreck for the AM and Candy Kush for PM) my surprise...I've been VERY stoned the last few days!

    I really didn't think that would work! + reps for that!
  12. I vape and vape and vape and vape and vape--no matter what I can keep getting higher!
  13. Good to hear man! :smoke:
  14. The less you smoke, the more you feel (that could also apply to your back pain, too :laughing:)
  15. My dispensary shows the tests of certain strains of mmj. What should I look for? Total Cannaboids (sp)?
  16. sounds like switching strains helped but, what about oils, good for back pain and such..guaranteed to get you high.
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    Cool, man. I think the best suggestions you've gotten so far are to try some new strains (specifically indicas since you've been on sativas mostly) and to try vaping up to a higher temp than you have been. Good to hear that your results have improved.

    (Damn, I wish I had a tool laying around that would fit so perfectly into the whip hose like that pen plunger in Cloud's sig above... so perfect for cleaning that vapor residue...)
  18. that tis a titanium nail for dabbing concentrates
  19. That is good advice. I've been vaping a lot less during the day (I've been leaving my MFLB in the drawer :mad:), and have noticed a great difference in my pain relief at night.

    I miss the focus that I would get during the day; but the fact of the matter is, I'm not really getting that right now anyways!

    I've cut my consumption by about a gram a day (down to a gram or less a day - which is a HUGE reduction for me)!:hello:

  20. I just harvested a bunch of oil out of my Extreme Q whip and elbow! It had been over 6 months! I got two grams! It's been VERY good for pain!

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