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Tolerance Break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BossOTheGhetto, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. I posted this in another thread, but maybe you guys didnt see it so I made a new thread.

    If I go 2 days without smoking, will it affect my tolerance level much, or do you think it requires a bit more time than that.I still get high pretty easily its just that its not lasting long like back int he day when i first started.

    Last time I smoke was last night. Its been about 16 hours since I smoked. This morning was the worst, cuz Im used to getting up and taking a couple of tokes and enjoy the morning. Dang, this is hard hehe.But Im glad I can control my urge.

    Enough blabberingfrom me, do you guys think 2 days without smoking is good enough, even if it just has little fact,to helpme get stoned more (please keep in mindive been smoking daily, usually twice a day, for about 8 months now, andabout 4 yrs on and off.)
  2. You're gonna do WHAT !!!
    I smoke morning till night so I guess my tolerance level is pretty high,I've been smoking like this for about 5 years solid, I can remember when I used to take breaks and if my memory serves me right after about 3 days the first one was always a bit sweeter.
  3. Just the first one huh? Yea I know, to get back to the feeling we got "in the old days", Id probably have to quit for a couple of months....

    I think Im gonna go home and roll a nice J and fire it up tonight, enough of this tolerance break mumbo jumbo lol
  4. I didn't smoke from last thursday till today. I didn't smoke much and was too high to act sober.
  5. If you want a good high, hold off until you don't really have that urge to smoke... usually after about a week. That's what I've been doing. I haven't smoked for like 3 weeks now... A good 4/20 it should be! :D
    I've got a few beers in the fridge for tomorrow (today actually - 2:00am) to start the day off, then I'll be off for the trip. I don't have any weed of my own (lack of funding), but will hopefully be able to smoke a bowl or two tomorrow/today, whatever it is. I have to spend what money I have on a camel-bak, so what money I get after that is fair game for Mj.

    I hope I can get high today, have been holding off for some time now :(
  6. Oh yea, on the subject.... I've had to hold off for a little over 2 years once (mil thing haha), and DAMN WHAT A HIGH! Everyone I used to toke with saw me taking only a few hits and I was ripped, like water, just molding into the seat, and they were like "wtf....??" thinking-"he's that stoned already?"... and my friend who knew where I was durring that time, said "it's been a long time for him". Hell yeah it was! It was almost like my first time again! Actually, it was almost exactly (except I knew what to expect, etc.).

    So if you want that first time high again, hold off for a couple years... Oh yeah!

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