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Tolerance Break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goons149, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I have been smoking for 4 years now and finally took my first tolerance break after realizing that I wasn't getting high anymore and I was allowing it to take over my life (I was smoking at least 5 times a day every day). I had no money so I had nothing to do to enjoy my high. So, I took a month off from smoking and really cleared my head and focused on getting a job and doing better in school...all I can say is what a great decision. I'm back to smoking again but only like three times a week and thats if I get smoked out or just throw in a little bit of $ or bring a pizza from work. Now I want to go back to smoking more in a few months (I'm thinking every night to relax) but I'm glad I realized that it was getting out of control.

    Anybody else have a similar experience?
  2. yep i just wanted to quit to clear out my lungs a lil
  3. Yea OP me too...

    Vaping 4-7 times daily on my own. Then smoking who knows how much with my friends.... 7 days a week every week of the month...every Month of the year.... And not just weed... Medical grade concentrates and keifs and iso hash oil i make myself....

    Don't even get me started on the ediables lol.

    BUT i finally was able to make the correct choice.

    Started college 4.0 gpa , working full time now at the same time , also a personal trainer at a gym. No debt plenty of money

    So my life is exactly where i want. Only difference is instead of taking a T-break i decided to vape and smoke even more :) so far so good
  4. Yeah I'm glad I'm on these forums, I can see people taking tolerance breaks because they've smoked the high away. I keep my smoking to once a night, and its to relax me and chill out. I mean I do smoke other times, but going to limit my smoking so I don't have a ridiculous tolerance.
  5. Thats my plan from now on. Glad I can help man.
  6. I'm lowering my tolerance for the same reasons but I don't want to quit cold turkey because I need my sleep and can't do homework with those head aches.

    So what I'm trying to ask is it efficient to smoke a little bit everyday to get my tolerance down? since its obviously less then half of my normal smoking so my tolerance is still going down greatly but I'm still getting head aches during the day after a week
  7. I am having some trouble getting high now too. Personally, i have only been smoking for about half a year and now for the last, i'd say, 3 months i have been smoking everyday. Before i would spend about 40$ on an 1/8th every 2 weeks. Now i am going through at least 2Gs a night. Its not only my debt getting high its my tolerance. A dub normally would keep me high for like 4 hours before, but now its only lasting 1 hour and then another hour of the "come down" feeling. What should i do? Go cold turkey for maybe a week or 2 or should i just try and smoke less each night. *I smoke marijuana for my insomnia*
  8. I'd say try and smoke less each night and then take a week or two tolerance break. You won't feel very good for the first week but once your body and mind clear up, then I think you'll be a lot happier and you'll enjoy your high more when you return to it. Trust me after that T-break the first time you get high will be amazing.

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