told this dude today that...

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Aug 9, 2008.

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    next time i see him i'm gonna stick him.
    problem is i am not a fighter at heart.
    but now i gotta do it.
  2. Fuck his up man. What did he do to deserve this?
  3. dude dude dude,

    give him a stick.

    itll be awesome.
  4. hahaha get that ***** man handle ya shit. I feel you bro I been there like I just wanna fuck a fool up soo bad.. like this one time in highschool me and this fool had serious beef. I took his girl when they broke up after 5 FUCKING MONTHS. dude started actin like he wanted to box and shit then I broke his jaw..
  5. Pretend you had a really fuckin cute puppy that led you to people's guerrilla grows just before harvest. Now imagine this guy just kicked him, now whatcha gonna do?
  6. You realize that your user pic makes this statement slightly ironic.
  7. lmao ahahah. id stab him an his ma for that
  8. all image and no principle.
  9. I realize that people need to maintain their dignity, but really.
    I'm not a fighter.
    But if put in the situation, i would of said something similar.
    But i am not gonna put my self in jeporady for something stupid.

    so trust me, its most likely not worth it in the long run.
    just my .02
  10. stab him in the leg. im usually not inclined toward jigging people but i wouldnt usually say im going to either. but what you do say you stand by. i was raised with a old school greek father and stuck to my own people even here, and ill tell you that greeks and ginnies definently have certain protocol. its street protocol in general. back in the day if you pulled out a knife and didnt use it you stabbed yourself otherwise you lose all respect and will get fucked up.
  11. Or you could, you know, just avoid him. If you tell someone you're going to "stick him" then why wouldn't he be prepared.. like oh I don't know bring a firearm.
  12. well...if its just some pussy suburbs kid i doubt it. guns arent that easy to get on the black market and theyre not cheap. but im sure hell have a knife on him and a couple boys.. or if hes enough of a herb hell call the cops on your ass.

  13. Well honestly I wasn't thinking about children. I was thinking more of adults. As far as that goes, I don't think your local Walmart counts as a black market, although the prices are always low lol.
  14. i have a feeling approximately 70% of this forum is 14-17

  15. Hahaha, you're a fool. Nothing good comes of fighting, anyone with any sense knows this.

    Best case, least likely scenario - you stab him and leave the fight totally unharmed. Congratulations, you stabbed someone (in which case, watch your back for future retaliation).

    More likely, less desirable scenarios -

    1) You stab him, and escape the fight unharmed, but are later charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

    2) You stab him, but he fights back and you both end up injured or worse. Police charges may or may not ensue.

    3) He ends up kicking your ass, and stabbing you with your own knife. Police charges may or may not ensue.

    4) You pussy out and end up looking like.....a pussy.

    You shouldn't fight unless you must to protect your personal well being.
  16. seriously you should have outwitted him and made him look like a douch bag in front of a lot of people thats way more bad ass than just fighting. cause you actually have to have some intelligence to do that
  17. btw.. sticking means punching. Not shanking. example.. hes gonna stick some kid in the face.
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    just replace "you stab him" with "you kick hiss ass to the fullest extent" in the scenarios. it's still true.

  19. < Heres one more stoner supporting this plan.

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