Told my mom I smoke, gave her a cannabis pill

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CurtChronic, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I've never had much reason to tell my parents that I smoke cannabis.
    Knowing how I was raised, I always assumed telling my parents I smoke would just get in the way of our relationship which is the best it's ever been these last few years.

    Well, recently, my mom has been having some pain problems. She's had so many health problems in her life, it's hard to keep track of them all. Her latest problem is related to her sciatic nerve, and it's been pretty hard for her lately.

    So, I brought my cannabis capsules (read about them here: ) when I went to visit them this past weekend just to see if she'd be down.

    So, the first night my wife and I are there, I ask her, "If there is one thing you think I've been hiding for the past 6 years, what do you think that would be?"
    Her first guess was, "That you smoke pot."

    lol, I had an idea that she might know, but she didn't even hesitate. I do mention medical cannabis from time-to-time, so she probably began to assume that I support weed in general and just concluded that I must smoke.

    So, I told her, I'd like to try and see if my pills would help her. Sure, enough, she popped them and next thing you know she said the pain was gone! :eek: She was even able to poke herself where normally, just the feeling of her pants resting on her leg would hurt her.

    I gave her one pill which is a small enough dosage to not make her high, but still strong enough to help with her pain. Two might help even more, but I'd be afraid that she would get stoned (which is not what she's looking for).

    It's crazy...I went from not telling my parents I smoke weed, to giving my mom a cannabis pill. Pretty crazy stuff.
  2. Hahah, good stuff.
    I was playing out in my head earlier if I just told my parents, fuck it I smoke, and then see if they were even down to having some.
    I know my dad must have in his past. Some day I'll tell them.

    But Im hoping it plays out rouchly the same as here. Haha. :smoke:
  3. thats fucking awesome man. i wish my dad was more open minded. i could save his health a ton .
  4. Right on man!

    curious, did it change your mothers opinion on bud?
  5. The funny thing is, growing up I was very anti-drugs/alcohol/you name it...and that was partially due to discussions my parents and I had and also from seeing my brothers cause family problems because of their drug use. My mom and I always had discussions about drugs and how they are no good, etc.

    After this I realized that she doesn't really care what I do as an adult as long as I take care of myself and my wife (which I do). She's obviously much more comfortable with the idea of cannabis if she was wiling to take a pill, but I know for a fact that she'll never use it recreationally.

    So, did this change her opinion on bud? I think that she must have always viewed it with less negativity than I originally believed, but I don't know how she viewed it as a medicine. She was actually asking me different questions about other ailments/conditions cannabis can be useful for, so that was interesting. So, she may be a little more comfortable with the idea of cannabis as a medicine.
  6. My dads been havin back pain I recommended he try medical marijuana....he wasn't interested but man he is missing out on the best medicine for it

  7. thats grat bro my mom has chronic pain to but she takes vicodin she wouldnt take a weed pill unless ot was precribed
  8. thats awesome man, im glad your mother found some comfort in our plant. hell ya
  9. Damn brother, my mom is suffering from that currently after getting in a wreck. She's taking opiates (which I believe is horrible for you) for pain. I want to tell her about MMJ but she's too biased.
  10. Good stuff man!
    My mum's completely anti-everything. She was never strict on me or anything, she just assumes that her little angel (me) keeps his nose clean. If she only knew half the stuff i get up to. lol.

    My dad on the other hand knows i smoke and i know he's smoked in the past. And im reasonably sure one day soon ill sit down n smoke with him.

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