Toking with your spouse

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  1. I love smoking with my husband. It helps to strengthen our relationship when we just snuggle on the couch with a movie and a bowl between us. We just recently smoked while we sat in our living room with the window open and lights out watching a massive thunderstorm roll through. It was great! :hello:

    How do you feel about smoking with your significant other? What was your favorite smoking session together?
  2. I only smoke with my fiance. I got him into smoking. I used to smoke with other people before I met him, but now it's just us. I prefer it. It's something special. We sometimes smoke alone if we're home sick.
  3. I love a stoner girl, one who can pack, take, and clear who own bong hits is a plus too! I just think its sexy, and to me it also felt like a better bond was forming. Ill take bong hits with my girl at night sometimes, then we just lay in bed together and watch tv.

    im 18 by the way
  4. My husband and I have smoked together for as long as we've known each other (going on 15 years...:eek:)

    He currently can't smoke because of his job, but he helps me grow and doesn't mind if I do.
  5. I smoke with my wife as much as I can. We just had our second child not too long back so she couldn't smoke because of her pregnancy but now that its been a few months, she's started smoking with me again now that I have a good chronic hookup.

    We actually smoked and went to the movies last night to see The Hangover :) :wave: :smoking: and are about to go for a good wake n bake once the kids lay down.
  6. I wished mine would amoke with me. Id like to turn her to the good side.
  7. i only wish. she doesn't get mad at me when i tolk anymore, but i still cant around her. funny how she wants to try salvia so bad.
  8. She isn't my spouse but I've been with her for three years. We smoke all the time together.
  9. My boyfriend of 2 years smoke whenever we can.
    Then we can just lay there on the couch snuggling for hours, and be extremely content.
  10. My girlfriend doesn't smoke as much as me by any means, but when she was younger (she's about 4 years older than me) she used to smoke all the time. I'm assuming somewhere to the amount that I do now. It shows-she definitely knows what she's doing. She never has weed, and doesn't plan on buying any...but whenever I offer to bring some over, she's usually down to smoke. I've been dating her for 7 months now and have probably smoked with her about 15 times total.

    We've been smoking more often as of late :) I love smoking with her. We're so comfertable around eachother and the bond seems to be nearly stronger when we get high with eachother. It's amazing.
  11. My wife and I smoke daily, probably about 4 or 5 times during the day, 6 or 7 during the night, and every single time we do, I consider myself the most indescribably lucky human on the face of this planet to be regularly and chronically experiencing such a stunning and indomitable bond with the mother of my child and the love of my life.

    Early this morning, about 3 AM, we smoked some of the finest grade we've had in a fw months, and mid-toke, somebody shot off 5 rounds from a gun. She choked on her smoke, and let out the loudest, most incriminating and locatable series of coughs that we have ever heard in our collective 18 years of smoking Cannabis.

    After getting back inside, travelling as close to the speed of light as any human has ever achieved, we proceeded to laugh wildly for a good hour, and got higher than we have ever been where we are living presently.

    It was pretty much the best ever.

  12. just call it common law marriage, it's close enough

    either way how's your son doing? I remember seeing the pictures wayback.
  13. I've smoked with the girl I'm dating, but only before we were in a relationship. Soooon though. :smoking:
  14. I smoke with my boyfriend all the time. There isn't anything better than cuddling close, lighing up a bowl, and feeling the love between us. Oh, and sex after smoking!

  15. ^^this

    blunt tho
  16. Sadly I cannot relate to this thread. My ex girl friend smoked with a friend of mine once but she would never smoke with me:(. Whenever I would smoke she would act like I'm stupid by asking me if I knew what was going on and she would also ask me too choose between her or the weed. She said that I loved smoking more than I loved her which was so untrue. I really did care about her and still do. Oh well...I'm meant to be alone therefore I'll never have a spouse too smoke with.

    Happy toking too the rest of you.
  17. well jamie smokes everyday (all day n nite lol)
    me i'll smoke only with him whenever im up to it
  18. Haha common law my ass. There is no ring on her finger lol. This guy doesn't plan on being locked down for a while.

    The baby is doing really good. He is four months old. He wants to crawl but can't figure out how to do it exactly yet. But thanks for asking n thanks for the rep.
  19. Hahaha, I looooove it. I noticed with my ex I'd get all annoyed when I'd smoke with her. Stupid bitch. She would get high and then cling to me. It was not okay, because when I'm high I'm just trying to chillax.

    So, I was a little skeptical about smoking with my boyfriend now, but the first time we smoked together it was like something fucking clicked. We started talking and just kept talking until there was no more high. So, I packed a few more and we enjoyed the rest of the night together.

    Since then we've also done acid, coke.... come to think of it every drug I've done, except for pills, has been with him for the first time. Haha. :D

    Let's share some memories, baby.
  20. I used to love smoking with my girl. She was the only person I know who could smoke as much as me.

    But you know smoking, sometimes you say dumb stuff lol

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