toking while you're pregnant

Discussion in 'General' started by dancefairy, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. What is you're opinion on smoking pot while you're pregnant? I am seven months and I'd love to get high again...I've heard many people say that there is no proof that it harms the baby in any way. What do u think?
  2. better safe than sorry...just wait a few more months.
  3. Well.. a normal baby comes out 9-10 months.. so yeah.. your 7 months pregnant right? just wait 2 months then you can blaze it when you have your baby out..
  4. Yeah, if I were you I'd hold off. If you really wanna get high you could always talk to a doctor, but if you are unsure then why risk it?
  5. I know Medical opinions may swing to and fro, but is ANY added risk worth possibly harming your "Treasure"??

    My ex-wife very occasionaly toked while pregnant, and my Daughter was born absolutey Beautiful, but with chronic Asthma. She abstained with our second, and he has no apparent problems. I know this doesn't prove jack, but let me ask you again, after abstaining this long, is ANY added risk worth it??
    I know your urge to toke may be strong, but so are you, to go this long without!! Hang in there!! A few months, and you'll really have something special to have a Toke-out celebration for!!!!!!! :hello: :smoking:
  6. Want a toke or a normal baby. Don't risk it.
  7. I once read an article about how smoking while pregnant doesnt have adverse effects on the child. But I still wouldnt risk it. We all know that it limits high brain function temporarily and I think this might adversely affect a childs growth. Children learn more things the first 2 years of there life than at any other time and I would play it safe. =)


  8. thats true so if the brain was slowed down then the child would be extremely behind in his mental level
  9. Give this some thought. Would you want to risk the child having brain or heart damage. What ever it does to your body it does to the baby 100 times more. If your heart rate goes up, so does the babys.

    It's not worth the childs health!
  10. If you've held out this long, then 2 more months isn't going to kill you. I'm going to say, better safe than sorry. You never know what could happen ~ many people say it's safe to toke while pregnant, but I imagine there are some risks involved, and, well... Everything you intake into your body is shared by your child, and if it were me, it just wouldn't be worth the risk.

    If I were you I'd abstain the remainder of your pregnancy, THEN get nice 'n toasty :D

    Congrats in advance!!! Hope you have a painless (or at least uncomplicated) birth!!
  11. I agree, not worth the risk. You know smoking cigs will affect you're baby, toking is no different in that sense.
  12. No.

  13. i know its redundant to everyone elses opinions here but i definately vote for waiting the other 2 months. whats the point of abstaing for 7 months only to fuck up your pregnancy at the last minute. I know you can do it.
  14. Im not suggesting go toke a doobie. In the back of your mind there should always be a WHAT IF. If something did go wrong its not worth the anguish you or your child would have to live with for the rest of your life.

    I take a lot af chances and risk in my life but with my children i never will. My wife didnt smoke during her pregnancy 20 years ago and she was one of the biggest spliff machines on the planet. But she held out.

    Im just posting this because I ran into it awhile back. The marijuana plant is a kind and gentle plant.


    A new study of children born to marijuana-smoking
    mothers found no link between marijuana exposure and the
    birth defects of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). The new study,
    by Dr. Susan J. Astley of the University of Washington,
    published in the January, 1992 issue of Pediatrics,
    contradicted a 1982 study by Dr. Ralph Hingson, in which
    prenatal exposure to marijuana was found to increase the risk
    of FAS.
    Hingson's results, which have not been replicated, have
    been questioned on various methodological grounds, in
    particular the difficulty of controlling for combined drinking
    and pot use.
    The new study looked for facial deformities
    symptomatic of FAS in 40 children whose mothers had smoked
    marijuana heavily during pregnancy and 40 controls, It found no
    association between marijuana and FAS, but deformities were
    observed in children of women who drank 2 ounces of alcohol
    per day or took cocaine.

  15. your baby is most affected in the first few trimesters. At seven months yoo might as well just wait out the next weeks. I smoked through the first 4 months of my pregnancy and smoked cigs all the way, but drastically cut back. My kid turned out fine. he's four now and still perfectly healthy and very intellegent. But everyone is different. It's your own discion to make
  16. um alls i have to say is that my mom has been a pothead all her life and she smoked normally with all of my brothers and sister, none of them are different from other kids their age, they are smarter than most in their school, and she just recently had 2 more babies within the last 2 years (big slut) anyway she smoked with both of them but i think she did stop smoking cigarettes.sometimes i think that because she smoked that made all her kids stronger (but that is just me).

    well if i had to pick between smoking cigarettes and weed i would totally pick weed if i was gon have a baby.

    one more thing is that you people really suprised me because like everyone said no don't smoke weed while your pregnant, weed is nothing compared to cigarettes (i heard someone say it was) it is the safest thing you can do while your pregnant.
  17. i quit pot for probation. I couldn't quit cigs. pot is better for you for lots of reasons. like know chemicals
  18. Ok, well, I thought I'd give you all an update on my decision, although with the exception of the people who are reading this forum I am not telling anyone I know about my decision. I decided to go ahead and light one up. I decided to only smoke shwag, cus I didn't think it'd be that great of an idea to smoke dro, considering some KB is laced with other stuff. I've only smoked a total of four times since about a week after I made that post, but let me tell you, it was great. Before, I had been having some major problems sleeping and I had been experiencing some preterm labor contractions. Now, when I have those same problems, I just take a few hits off the bowl, and I'm fine. No more restless nights, and no more fear of going into preterm labor.
  19. um if your gonna toke, at least smoke kb not dirt. ive never purchased any weed laced with anything nor have any of my friends......
  20. I quit ciger's but kept smokin' weed durning my pregancy, I found it really helped with my morning sickness, which was like all day sickness, it was horrible. I did cut back from what I normally smoked and I stuck to bush weed, no hydro. I know it's not the smartest decision I have made, but I it's the choice I made.

    My son is now 13months, very healthy, very intelligent and is ahead in his motor skills. He's just perfect! I love being a Mum too, it's unreal!! Good luck with everything dancefairy. :)

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