Tokin Etiquette (what pisses u off?)

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  1. hey everyone out there tonight. hope u all r high and happy! i am for sure. i have smoked a lot of weed in my 54 yrs and have smoked with a lot of diff ppl from all walks of life. however, along the way i have found some "piss me offers" that burn up my weed unnecessarily that i have to a. obtain in alabama, not easy and b. pay for it. here is what pisses me off the most about poor tokin etiquette and what my circle considers common courteousy.
    First and foremost for pipe smokers (my most used method) do not slobber on the pipe for God's sake and if u do pls kindly wipe it off before u pass it. speaking of passing it BOGART....pls wake up and do so.
    Then u got those who don't know how to smoke their quarter. they smoke all over the bowl and i just sit there and watch my $$$ go up in smoke.
    Unless owned by someone else the pipe should be lit by the packer.
    my bitchin about joints now.....once again boggie, pass the fucker! and if it runs u do not have to apply 4 oz of ur slobbery mess all over it to stop it. think brill cream....just a dab will do ya! puff, puff, pass....
    so what pisses u off? what do u consider good manners when tokin in a crowd?:smoking:
  2. When people pretend to be 54 years old when they clearly aren't.
  3. sept 20, was a very good day...i was born. that makes me uh..<counts on fingers> 54!:p
  4. I hate when people take way too many hits! It's puff puff pass not puff puff puff puff puff puff pass. Get it right
  5. I hate when I pack bud and pass it to someone and they take their hits and then they start telling a LONG ASS story while still holding the piece and then when they are finally done with their life's story they toke it again. :mad: It pisses me off even more when they do that shit with a joint/blunt and they just let that shit burn while they talk.
    Puff puff pass please.:)
  6. I hate when they pass me the blunt and that shit is wet.Ain't nobody got time for that.

  7. ikr?! like we need their nasty ass shit all over our blunt. u don't have to drown one in slobber to make it hold together if u know how to do it.
  8. This may sound weird but I smoke my bowl from left to right. I don't light the whole thing up, since I like to be able to taste it as I go. My husband who is new to smoking didn't know that lighting the whole bowl is wasting it.. I was not happy, But he has learned.
  9. I hate being handed a bowl that has a bunch of stale smoke on the inside. I definitely clear that shit out before passing it.

  10. I have a friend who does this. He torches the entire bowl everytime. Hahaha.
  11. When people steal my fucking weed some people just don't know how to ask.

  12. ??WHY?? Its just not right! Savor the flavor !
  13. When people DON'T corner the bowl....
  15. I can't stand kids who don't know when/how to pass a bowl. I just packed the bowl, you don't get to hit it 3 times in the first rotation you asshole. It gets even worse when I call them out on it and they try using some stupid reason for not having any etiquette at all. This is especially annoying when it's a close friend and the worst when your own bowl comes back around caked after you barely got any.
  16. I have a friend who does that too I just need to never get him greens. If possible I try to make sure everyone gets greens.

    The sopping wet jay or blunt really pisses me off too.
  17. Maybe this was a compliment
  18. What does "corner the bowl" mean?
  19. Light a section of the bowl so the next person has some greens on their hit.

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  20. So much hostility..

    I dont mind if a person takes more than two puffs at a time..

    I actually prefer packing personal bowls so EVERYONE gets a green hit.

    That way nobody bitches.

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