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Tokers that have weed but dont toke ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AngryPeasant, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Wassup GC

    just wondering if any of you guys know someone like this or do or yourselves
    This guy I used to half in with would have weed there and would not smoke any for like a week at a time sometimes not even on a tbreak
    He would use any excuse to avoid coming out and toking like he has to put a file from his pc onto a memory stick (yeah that takes all day) and has said to people 'all he wants to do is puff' making out like I'm some kind of junkie for toking every day that I have weed and not doing what he does

    He is the only person I've toked with that does this just intrigued if it is common elsewhere ?
  2. dude every one does this
  3. maybe he's just trying to smoke to the head lol
  4. I've made an eighth last 3 months before. Sometimes you don't want to smoke, sometimes you want to take a hit every couple days, and sometimes (although rarely) I feel like goin' hard. The real question is, why's it bother you so much lol.
  5. Pretty common, maybe he doesn't enjoy his highs but likes think he's cool for hoarding chronic.
  6. I mean have weed sitting right there , nothing stopping him from toking , not even on a tbreak but waits like a week till his next toke

    In my experience every other toker I've met has toked every day they have weed

    Because it messes up halfing in when the next time he comes out I've smoked like 4 bongs and you have to try work out how much I have left and can smoke etc
  7. I have had at least some quantity of weed at most times of my life since I started toking, but hell if I smoked every time I had weed...

    I don't like smoking all the time, I really dislike it. I don't even like smoking everyday. The way I live my life (smoking wise) ensures I have a low tolerance, a clear head, and a good memory at all times in my life.

    I don't like being high all the time, life is meant to be felt in all its wonder, and all its pain.

    At least thats what I think
  8. Some people are more moderate? I've got an eighth right behind me and I haven't smoked in about a week. I've been doing this for a year, Never really had a tolerance, and if I felt it going up, i'd take a break.
  9. Is this what it's come to? People who practice moderation are looked down on? Maybe he just doesn't want to fucking smoke at that moment?

  10. Dude who gives a shit? I am so tired of seeing people like you ( no offense ). Why do you care what other people do with their bud? The plant is supposed to bring peace and shit. You are one of those guys who make it a competition. Who cares? Do YOU and thats it.
  11. #11 AngryPeasant, Jan 9, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2013
    I did not at any time in my post look down on him , insult him or use derogatory language etc

    Lay off that bull shark testosterone bro it does funny stuff to your balls

    Guys a couple of posts have said it now I was just intrigued I didn't say anything about competition etc so just calm down and don't make rants based on assumptions

    If anything it is this guy insulting me not the other way round making out like I'm a crackhead for not doing it behind my back so don't try and make out I'm being a douche

  12. Looking down is exactly what you were doing. Who cares if he shoves the weed up his ass. ITS HIS LIFE, HIS CHOICE.
  13. To stop any future white knights of righteousness .... I am in no way complaining , looking down on this guy or whatever it is jeffs bud not mine so please get off your high horse

    I was just intrigued and found out it is actually quite common
  14. Seems like he is trying to be conservative and is just being a dick about it instead of being straight up with you. Find some better friends. I also hate how hateful this community is getting it is REALLY starting to turn me away
  15. Sometimes I just want my head to be clear for a while. I also like to show myself that I still have control (not that weed can do anything horrible to you). To much of any good thing is bad for you even if it is not physical harm. I just smoke when I feel like it but the presence of weed alone does not make me toke it is just a minimum requirement.
  16. He's probably just stingy haha. Tell em to break bread witcha
  17. That just sound like something that a kid would do. I have some friends that are in the game put on probation and can't smoke but have lbs around. No way I could do it.
  18. Lol it's not that he don't want to smoke. He just doesn't wanna smoke with u.
  19. Yeah i have just over an ounce of some really good weed 3 feet to my right, but i haven't smoked in over 3 months... But when i get off probation it will be gone in a month haha
  20. I do. Always have weed but havnt smoked in 4 months, cuz of probation, no its not old ass buds, never more than a week or two old at most, I'm just always down to smoke ppl out whenever they come chill in my room. Kinda like when ppl have friends over and offer them a beer or coffee or something. When I have ppl come kick it ill usually pack a bowl or a few snaps for my homies. No ppl don't use me to come over and get smoked out, cuz ill randomly do it and not all the time. If we're watching tv or playing Xbox, ill usually pack em something.

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