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Toker problems

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kashcameron, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. I smoke everyday but like 2 bowls only.I haven’t smoked in 17 hours, I got into an accident and tested today with the oral eze mouth Swab but I smoked a 3 inch blunt a bowl before the 17 hours started, can anyone tell me if I’m going to pass? I chewed a whole pack of mint gum and sucked on it for about 35 minutes and drank plenty of water today . Anyone have any ideas?
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  2. You're going to fail.
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  3. Lol fucking savage but can I ask why you think that
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  4. You smoked 17 hours before a drug test.. it takes 1-10 weeks to get clean depending on how much you smoke & how often you smoke
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  5. Yeah but it was a mouth swab not a piss test there much much much more different
  6. They're not different lol they both test for drugs dude..

    You chewed gum that wouldn't really make a difference if it did they'd of made you come back & retake the test or they'd of failed you on the spot for attempting to cheat :confused_2:
  7. They didn’t catch me chewing gum tho and yes they are different I atleast know that it doesn’t stay in the spit for long it’s not like I walked in chewing gum
  8. You right tho but on the other side tho
  9. Sorry bruh. You wont pass. Keep us updated tho.
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  10. For a mouth swab it usually takes 3-10 days of water drinking, gum chewing, and teeth brushing. You probably failed, go ahead and think what your next move is gonna be.
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  11. While you can pass a mouth swab far faster than a piss test, even within 24 hours, there is still a decent chance you failed. I probably would have went with something harsh like listerine and swished that shit around for like 5 minutes and just burnt the fuck outta my mouth than rinsed with water a bunch to try to make sure there is no residual alcohol from the listerine, I don't really think gum will do the trick. Is there a reason they drug tested you after the accident? Because that isn't normal unless they suspected you were under the influence
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  12. They drug test you over here in the UK to cover themselves even if the accident wasn't your fault at work
  13. Gotcha, yeah that is the same in the USA too if it is a workplace accident. I thought he was talking about a car accident
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  14. Idk what OP did I'm guessing it's an work related accident, they do also drug/alcohol test you if you have a car accident over here
  15. That is some bullshit, especially with how weed metabolizes, I would literally fail a test at any point in the day regardless if I had smoked recently or even that day since I smoke every day. I have been in a few car accidents but you only get alcohol/drug tested in the USA if they have a suspicion you are under the influence
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  16. Yeah they can test you over here just by stopping you man, I agree the tests for weed are bullshit because you could of smoked the day before & it still says you smoked before driving lol

    I'm pretty lucky I'm a passenger most times while in a car so if I do ever get stopped I don't have to do the test as it's not illegal to be high/drunk as a passenger unless you're a distraction to the driver

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