toked with mom for the first time ever!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by soup1494, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. My mom has always been a hardcore alcoholic.. But recently her and her boyfriend ( my parents are divorced) have been fighting a lot because their alcohol abuse.. Anyway my mom knows I smoke pot but never brings it up.. Last night in the car she said to me she was going to stop drinking and start smoking bud because it makes her chill out and be less aggressive. Suddenly she whips out a metal jar and says smell this, so I smelt it and I couldn't believe it, then she proceeds to whip out a one hitter that looks like a cigarette and give it to me.. She asked me if I wanted her to pull over so we could smoke.. I said fuck yeah and we got blitted on the side of the road... What an awesome Christmas surprise! Anyone else got cool stories like that?
  2. Aha that's awesome. My buddies dad got my buddy a 150$ bong for his birthday a few days ago, its sick
  3. thats just too awesome man :D good for you and her

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