toke today...toke tomorrow

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mexicanmustache, May 28, 2004.

  1. yo...has anyone else noticed that kickass feeling you get the day after you smoked all feel like u have a permanent buzz. even though u got the next day buzz u know that u still get the feel ing to roll up another fattie and tokie smokie...if anyone out there has anything to say about feelings they get or anything like that, hit up some posts...

    toke for life......
  2. hell yeah dude, i had that feeling right before i toked up this morning. it was good. i just went to a crazy grad party last night. CLASS OF 2004!!!! YEAH!!!!
  3. I ususally feel kinda shitty after smoking a whole shit load the night before. *shrugs* guess folks are different.
  4. yuppp i feal great the next my head is all leveled and stuff.
  5. yup i think it feels like heaven
  6. i love the feeliin after i smoked alot the day before.......
  7. i love the next day feeling it makes me so calm and peaceful and it makes me love mj even more
  8. i hate it it makes me lazy
  9. I was stoned for 2 weeks straight. I had bought an ounce so I had plenty of the herb. I would wake and bake before school get home smoke out watch movies go to sleep and repeat. it was the best weeks ever
  10. last weds night i went to my friends house after work and we had a half ounce there, we hit the steam roller and joints all night, oh and there was a blunt in there somewhere lol, we went to sleep at 6 am woke up 4 hours later to be greeted by our other friend nick for a Wake and Bake service which consisted of 2 joints, then we went to Burger King to eat, .... that was the best night of my life :D but sometimes the day after a long smoke when i wake up i feel really dissoriented for about an hour :-/

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