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  1. Lifting the seat?

    We had company(male) that peed on the seat and kirara found it w/her ass checks. I heard about it needless to say, because it has never happened before:)

    I lift the lid and replace both. I got beat as a child for these infractions, so i was trained well. you lift, or play ring the whole w/o sprinkling? you only notice when your ass gets wet? and how do you rate a man that pees the rim?
  2. I will tell them " NOOO !" and rub their noses in it.
  3. I well, I check the toilet seat before I sit on it, and I always wipe the seat down, I'm kinda OCD about that, especially in any toilet that isn't at my house.

    I'd rather have a guy that forgets to put the seat back down then a guy who just flat out pisses all over it.
  4. at my place i leave the seat up all the time unless im takin a shit. if im at someone elses place especially if there are girls there i always put the seat back down after takin a piss. just good manners, what guys are expected to do.
  5. I've been rationing my last roll of toilet paper for almost a week now. I just ran out mid-poop, and panicked. Alas, under my sink there were like 7 full rolls. For fuck's sake. Sorry this doesn't have much to do with the thread, I just need to vent.
  6. Call me a pig, but I leave the seat down all the time. I just don't piss on it...

    Apparently I am the only male on the planet with any depth perception and/or aim.
  7. In my suite bathroom at my dorm, we have 2 stalls. One designated for male urination, with the seat up, and one designated for ladies and deuces. Just to keep things clear, on the sitting stall door we have a picture of The Tod from "Scrubs", with the text "High five for taking a crap."

    Needless to say the sign can be quite disturbing while trying to defecate seeing as it's on the inside of the door, but it removes any of these kinds of complications.
  8. am i the only guy in the city that pees sitting down like a danty dignified little school girl :p:confused:

    im just playin
  9. hell. i want to know why bedays went away. ild lots rather wash my ass w/water than rub it into my ass w/tree pulp?


    guess there was more money in TP? or the camode ppl ran the beday folks outta town?

    i also lived in a place w/o toilet seats. prison:) you could shit, wash, brush and shave and no move 6 inches.

    made about 3O grams of bubble last night. im high.....very:)
  10. its times like that ya just gotta shake your head in defeat... you gotta be kidding me, what a sick joke.
  11. I live alone and I always lift the seat I'm not a fan of sitting in my own dried up piss
  12. I lift the seat, piss, lower the seat, although I think girls should look at the toilet before they sit on it to make sure it's down....

    At the company I used to work for were a couple of slobs who just pissed all over the fuckin seats... Shit pissed me off... Specially when I had to drop off the kids...
  13. I'm a firm believer in the courtesy flush. That is all.
  14. I lift the seat up and keep it lifted, heres my reasoning. You been in traffic for 3 hours, u just get home and gotta take a piss. You run to the bathroom, now whats goin on? Your frantically trying to unbuckle your belt, unzip your pants and whip your man out as fast as u can. The last thing u need to do is try to get that seat up. I cant tell u how many times i've been trying to get my dick out, and throw the seat up, just to have it bang on the back of the toilet and fall back down. I've nearly pissed myself so many times because of this.

    Women on the other hand, can just slam the seat down and sit there ass down and let urr rip.
    Someone show me a flaw in my logic
  15. I put the seat down after everytime I use it, whether it was up to begin with or not.

    Unless I'm drunk.

  16. yup, been very thankful & had at had become too comfy w/ 420's consistancy at puttin the seat down i didnt think to look!

    during the incident i rated the guy a lazy worthless slob. i still think of him that way but now cause of other reasons.

    i honestly dont care, pretty sure i'll be checkin from now on. recently i've found myself lifting the seat before male friends visit.

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