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  1. Who else enjoys smoking a bowl while taking a shit? This is pretty much a daily routine for me... Wake up, pack bowl, quench thirst, take shit, smoke said bowl, shower and proceed with my day. Very nice!
  2. I usually shit then smoke in my morning routine never tried multitasking haha :smoke:
  3. I do not, usually, because toilet seats are not that comfortable. And if I'm smoking a bowl, it is usually going to take a while.
  4. Usually, it just feels like giving birth.

    And since I'm a male, its usually not that desirable.
  5. I thought I was the only one!
  6. I'd fuck up and drop my bowl in...I just know it.:cool:
  7. But yeah I have indeed done it before.
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    How is this in any way related to giving birth?? Hahaha :confused:
  9. I've thought about it, but I've never hit my bong while taking a shit. Not yet at least. :p I don't even like reading while I take a dump.
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    Dude I recommend it... Hahaha I can see how it would seem weird to some people... I find it quite enjoyable though :smoke:
  11. has anyone noticed if they wake and bake BEFORE they take their first shit of the day, that when you do shit it like opens up some void in your stomach for the uber munchies to invade your mind and body and force you to devour anything regardless if it's breakfast food or not... Whoa
  12. What stoner eats breakfast food for breakfast anyways??
  13. I dunno man, I always poop in the mornings and I just have always felt that pooping gave me enough sensations as it was without having to add more. My dad used to roommates with some dude who would sit there taking a shit with a plate of spaghetti on his lap, with the door open, and that's how he liked to eat dinner. :rolleyes:
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    Hahahaha dude that's why I like it... Smoking adds to the already pleasurable sensation of pooping IMO.

    Now eating's a different story... "don't shit where you eat" is a phrase for a reason... It probably had literal meaning before it was metaphorical... Lol :smoke:

  15. the only time stoners eat breakfast food is at 2am when munchies kick in full force... duhh.

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