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  1. when i was a child, about ten, i climbed a mountain with my father. at the top, there was an open clearing, overlooking the lakes and hills. standing in between two boulders, was a very healthy looking apple tree. on the hike up the mountain, you would always see creatures - deer, moose, badger, everything. as you reached the top, you could see sunlight peering through the trees - as if you have reached heaven. this area was very remote - and little people knew about it.
    this morning, i did not have class or work - just a day off, so i decided to do something natural, and peaceful. i grabbed some headies, food, drinks, and a pocket knife with a screen. i climbed up this mountain - the path had grown in since i was ten so it took longer than usual. periodically, the dead branches would crack, and i would see some sort of creature - at first a deer, then badger, and thankfully no moose or bear. as i reached the top it was just like reaching the top when i was a child. the sunlight, peering through the tree tops; creating the perfect atmosphere. then, i saw the towering apple tree. now older, it did not look so healthy, so i looked around for other apple trees. i found a bunch of them, around three or four, a bit to the west - directly in the sunlight, a couple feet away from the ledge that looked over the lakes. such a beautiful sight. i then took an apple, set out a blanket, made an apple bowl, smoked, and enjoyed my morning. i am content now. i'll hike up it next monday, and take pictures.
  2. I wanna see the pics
  3. This mountain sounds like an amazing place to toke in, take pictures next time :smoke:.
  4. That sounds awesome, that reminds me of camping when I was younger. I miss it
  5. fuck yeah man. you're a liver :smoke:

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