Today went pretty well..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kmouth Soldier, May 23, 2010.

  1. Today was pretty cool imo, so I decided to share it with GC. I realize it's not the most exciting of stories but I would appreciate that if you do not enjoy it simply to click the back button and not troll my thread.

    Tonight I headed over to my local movie theatre and waited for a friend. He arrived and I hopped in his car. We started driving around calling our connects looking for some dank. Within 30 minutes we got our gram and headed over to a 7-11 to get some Zig-Zags.

    Afterwards we headed back to the movie theatre to find a spot to post up and roll our joints and blaze. My friend rolled the first 2 j's and we realized we didn't have a lighter so we used the cigarette lighter in his car and the matches he had. Halfway through the sesh the cigarette lighter broke and we ran out of matches plus neither of us are "pro" at rolling joints to say the least so the loose joint kept going out.

    Anyways while he's going through the back looking for the lighter I'm rolling up a new J and mall security rolls past we didn't even stop what we were doing though, made me chuckle a bit after. Once he found his lighter we smoked up and finished the rest of our gram in about 2 more joints. We hotboxed the fuck out of his car then I went back home towel-fixed my Xbox 360 as it got red rings for the first time in 2 years of owning it. If it breaks down again I'm going to send it into Microsoft and get my box fixed.

    It's days like these that I truly appreciate how great life can be..
    So how bout you blades? Anyone else have a good day? :smoking:
  2. Sounds like you enjoyed your night, :smoking:
  3. nice man, ya yesterday i got lifted as well
  4. Laughed at the security guard part, damn Rent-a-cops.
  5. Thanks for positive responses :hello:

    +rep for all :D
  6. Ha, rent a cops are hilarious. A while back I was tossing the frizbee around with my friend in a mall parking lot, baked as fuck. One of those fake-pigs pulls up and says "you boys need to move somewhere else with this". We both looked at him and just kept tossing. He drove away and didn't bother us anymore, haha. No fucking authority.
  7. i like that people can post simple stories about just enjoying life on here without getting flamed or cool story broed
  8. i was just waiting for the cool story bro to pop up

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