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Today was a year in the making....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Brainrape, Nov 8, 2001.

  1. I was going to post this on Yahooka, but it only lets me get to some inital screen right now about Yahooka being hacked, which is just horrible fucking timing (Stupid hacker bastards) because I wanted to share some great news, but here will work just as well...

    Today, at 8:45am, I went in for my last probation visit ever.

    I am totally done with Texas State Probation. I can FINALLY smoke pot again, I have literally smoked pot only one time in the past 365 days.

    So I went in for my appoinment, and I was done at exactly 9:17am, got into my waiting friends car, pulled out of the probation office parking lot, and at 9:18am sparked up the first joint I had in over a year.

    My friend (Who insisted on driving me to probation and smoking out the second we pulled out of the parking lot, his passive form of government protest :)) put on some Moody Blues, and we started smoking our joints and hit the old stoner roads I used to drive on and smoke, deserted little stretches of Texas land that are just made to drive down while smoking a joint listeing to fantastic music, Moody Blues, Tom Petty, Creedence etc etc...

    Oh dear god, I got beyond high. It was so incredible, we drove around for 3 or 4 hours just bullshitting, enjoying the beautiful scenery and music...

    It was by far one of the best mornings of my exsistance...I will NEVER take pot for granted again...

    The best part was my infant like tolerance to the shit, that joint or two kept me high all morning, I even fell asleep for 3 hours and woke up still really fucking high, I know, I am talking like I have never smoked pot before :) sigh, it's just so nice...

    Life is beautiful, I just wanted to let you all know that :)
  2. I am waaayyy happy for ya don't forget what happened to you and speak out against the tyranny of this government that oppresses us in the cannabis culture....peace
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I enjoyed reading that. And I'm glad you're off probation. Now you can enjoy again!
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  4. Glad to hear you're back among us true "outlaws" again!

    That's probably the thing I like most about Mary Jane. She really humps a mean leg after you've done with out her for awhile! Glad you back dude!
  5. Glad to hsve you back in the roll. Wish I was there with you playing Creedence.....
  6. That is great news man! I'll enjoy a big one in your honor.
  7. Congratufuckinglations!
    I am glad to hear you're off probation - I know it can be a rough thing to deal with, peeing in a cup and always wondering if someone's gonna pull you over and search your WHOLE car just for the hell of ut and all...

    Like smokinokie said, glad to hear you're back amongst the outlaws! Have fun hittin the stoner roads, I'll toke one for ya!
  8. l wonder how he,s going now ???
  9. 1 couldnt go longer than 2 months...hell...1 month
  10. Wow man, i feel high just reading that and picturing that and... oh, my bad i can c my bong still smokin lol
  11. im on probation...i still smoke weed, i always pass my test too
    and im on criminal probation for 3 years man
  12. yeah, I'm going to court in 23 days, and I'm facing about a year of probation, so I've been spending every day dreading the next year... no pot for 365 days... good god. marijuana laws are fucked in this country...
  13. congrats bro, welcome back to the wonderful world of pot. Man a year, I dunno how u did that...u definetly deserved that high. Toke on brotha!
  14. Gratz bro, that must have been the best high you've ever had. Remember what NDicaBud said and dont et caught for whatever reasons caused you to have probation again. Good luck and have fun, see a cop don't run :smoke:
  15. You do realise this happened in 2001?

    Hahaha :hello:

  16. lol@blitz

    stoners :rolleyes:

    well davey, you can see Brainrape made it, you can do it too! I do to believe that the laws are all fucked up! good luck!
  17. that story brought a tear to my eye... good fucking times man
  18. Oh man, this thread made me smile -- I'm real happy for you, man. Congratulations, and Im impresed with your 365 day wait.
  19. damn.. i couldnt imagine 364 days of not smoking..
  20. I never understood why people don't smoke right after the tests?? I mean how often do people get tested when on probation, weekly or monthly? Once you havn't smoked in a while, you can smoke and be clean agin much much quicker, like days.

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