Today I got HIGHER than you! - wanna bet?

Discussion in 'General' started by Leapfrog, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. My shoes @ about 1,500ft:

    Right before sunset:
  2. You basterd!

    I never got the invite
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    whoa, definatley beautiful my friend, where was this
  4. What were you doing!?
  5. That is amazing man.

    How many times have you sky dived?

  6. Up in heaven my friend!

    Right where I live, in FL.
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    why do you fly over and visit one day leap, should be a good burn.... see ya
  8. I have the same boots as you...I wonder if this picture would ever be useful to me haha.

  9. Never.

    I have a motor strapped to my back, like a huge fan.

    That's what takes me up there.
  10. thats awesome :smoking:
  11. Well today I woke up high... :smoke:
  12. That's even better.

    I can't even begin to imagine how peaceful that is.

  13. It gives you ~3 hours of flight under power.

    I have stayed up there 8.5 hours power off soaring thermals having some Vultures and the occasional Eagle join in.
  14. are you serious right now?
  15. Well your wrong about the higher than me part.Today i put a cereal box in the fridge and it stayed there for like 3 hours until someone noticed.I really love cereal.most of you probably know this by now.
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    Yeah, I generaly don't f*ck around (on here and elsewhere).
    Unless it's about a kid claiming on here he got high from drinking Bong water. :eek:

    I have videos of those flights but they all show my face...and my face is a big NO on this forum, sorry.
  17. Next time you go up, you should record and share.

    I would like to see how turbulent it is, and just how great it looks.

  18. Safety wise?

  19. Photoshopped...
  20. Link what the product looks like, by itself.

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