Today I Found One Iphone App Related Lungs That Name Lung Function Test

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  1. Hello Everyone

    Lung Function Test app works like a spirometer on iphone, makes use of Artificial Intelligence to measure the strength of your lungs health.
    The Lung Test instruments based app records the amount of air and the rate of air that is breathed out over a specified period of time. You need to blow air into the microphone and the reading is
    automatically be calculated in percentage for simple understanding. Thereby, you can know if your organ is functioning properly. really i enjoyed use this app you can also try this app.

    Thank you
  2. Interesting.
    Thank you for the subliminal advertising of your lame app.
    Have a horrible day.
  3. Interesting. Idk how legit it is, but you can use it to compare your breath to yourself to keasure imorovement at the very least.

    Thanks for sharing

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