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tobacco really intensify high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Tma339, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. ....soo i smoke small rez ball and a swisher but it was just tobaccco in the swisher lol but any ways now i feel pretty geeked
  2. Sounds cool...

    You just have a nicotine buzz.
    Do be thinking rez and tobacco get you fucked up haha

  3. dude if you have a decent size rez ball itll fuck you up
  4. To each his own,
    don't wanna start the rez argument.

    But yeah the tobacco isn't truly intensifying the high imo..
    just giving you a nicotine buzz

  5. I add a little in joints and I believe it does.
  6. fuck i just puked twice...
  7. that was a buzkill lol
  8. if i smoke a cig after i blaze it gives me a head ache

  9. x50

    Why would you ever think it was okay to smoke just a swisher? You probably got a decent buzz maybe a little high from the resin. Smoking a nasty ass swisher killed it though. Swishers are the worst cigars in the world bro you can't actually smoke one they will make you throw up. Thats why you threw up lol. It doesn't make you higher just gives you a nicotine buzz which really just makes you lightheaded. Thats all it does is make you dizzy when your high doesn't make you higher don't know why people think that.
  10. In your case, nature answered your question for you.
  11. I feel higher when I smoke a stoge after I blaze. Stoges are nice

  12. It is a drug so the interaction of a stimulant and depressant would do something.
    I've notice some effect.
  13. I personally don't like smoking a cig after blazing because it interferes with the herb buzz. I just like smoking cigs when I'm drunk lol.
  14. do you inhale your cigar or what
  15. Idk. IMO it does intensify it a bit. I mean there has to be a reason everyone in the UK smokes Spliffs.
  16. that sucked last night

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