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Tobacco over powering weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Foxie, May 25, 2010.

  1. Im talking strictly smell here, this weekend me and my friends are hitting up the golf course again and were going to smoke out of Grace (My friends bong) before and during. Now my mom knows that i burn cigars while i golf so she wouldnt be mad... weed however, shes a fiend. She sniffs it out like down the street and over 3 blocks (not really). Im going to burn some cigars on the course as usual, think the smell of weed will be gone
  2. When i dont wanna smell like weed thats what i do always works for me
  3. Alright man you sure? has to work
  4. Just take a spare top or some deodrant if you're worried of stinking of it. Though still smoke those cigars.

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Its getting pretty hot here, the smell of your sweat may smell more than the 'gars shauny. But yeah the tobacco should smell over the weed, just dont let the cherrying bowl leak smoke on your shirt and blow your hits up and you should be good. And if not, cologne?
  7. Thanks corey, and you know if the nation is down? Not to mention were going swimming after now so ill be all good, no worries. I was planning on bringing extra clothes + cologne + tooth paste and shit anyways
  8. it was messing up for me earlier, but im on now.
  9. I've seen this way too many times, now. Mostly from you. :D

    +1 on cigs covering smell.
  10. Yes it definitely works. A good stinky cigar for me always does the trick.
  11. So my acid blondie will do the trick :]

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