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tobacco in a joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aruru, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I'm more of a bong user, as i've never smoked a jay before, but when my friends roll joints, they always rip open a cig and put the tobacco in the jay. I personally would rather have it all weed, but they usually insist on putting it in.

    I just wanna know, do other people put tobacco in thier j's?
    And if you do, does it effect your high and do you feel the need to smoke more tobacco? Or does the weed like cancel the addictive effects of nicotine?
  2. I prefer rolling up my joints with bud only. I like the taste of the herb alone. I have many friends that like putting tobacco in their joints though
  3. I like to do that every now and then because the tobacco increases the high.
  4. When I get mids I'll roll it up with tobacco but definitely just straight herb for when i roll with headies (only when I don't have glass with me :smoking:).
  5. It is called a "spliff" by many. I personally don't do it since I don't smoke cigarettes but I know many who enjoy it. I have done it before and it is basically just like smoking a joint and cigarette at the same time, not bad but not my thing.

    BTW - You don't get any higher from a spliff, in fact you would get higher off a joint the same size of a spliff since there is more weed and more THC, the only thing the tobacco does is make you feel dizzy when which your high makes you feel good.
  6. I refuse to smoke tobacco but sometimes my friends smoke spliffs if theyre going to smoke in a park or something to help mask the smell
  7. ive always just stuck to straight greens, except for one time and i used vanilla pipe tobacco instead of from a cig and it was much smoother and tasted way better than any spliff i had smoked before. all my buddies who roll spliffs use bali or another rollin tobaccy. its nice when you dont have enough bud for a j, but cant smoke with glass or a piece. and it does increase the high, but its also a bit of a different feeling.:smoking:
  8. If you're not used to smoking a lot of tobacco then you'll get a 'nicotine high' which is a small dizziness from a lack of O2 to the brain. You won't get as 'high', but it feels good.

    I smoked spliffs outside my dorm room last year because they masked the smell well. Usually I'll do an all green J with a 'safety cig' afterwards.

    I prefer an all green J, but always glass if it's an option.

    Where are you from? Spliffs seem to be popular in Europe.
  9. I try to stay away from nicotine.. not good.
  10. its called a spliff and its usually a 70 to 30 ratio of weed to tobacco. If u dont have that much weed and need to make a solid sized j then puting tobacco in is okay i guess. It gets u a head high quicker, which im not really a fan of, expecially if your dehydrated. But its from a cigarette? thats dumb, cigarettes are stupid unless you want to pay 4 bucks each day for a pack of death. I usually take the guts from cigars from previoiius blunts and put a little flavor tobacco in my joints when i only have a little weed.

    thats just me tho :smoking:
  11. its a spliff, it has some benefits and some disadvantages over straight weed.
    1:burns smoother, slower, and has less runs (usually)
    2.Gets you seriously fucked up, and fast, its a seriously intense head rush, especially if you inhale deeply
    3. some tobacco tastes good, but herb tastes better
    4. maybe a little easier to roll? i think tobacco is easy to roll but thats just me.

    1.if you dont smoke cigs (like me) they can make you sick. ive power ripped spliffs and gotten the spins so bad ive nearly thrown up, had to lie down,
    2. straight herb gets you a more mellow high, in a way its more comfortable.
    those are the only disadvantages i can think of.

    it really comes down to personal preference. i like them once in a while but i usually go with straight bud. if u do smoke one, id recommend sitting down, cause youre gonna think the whole world is spinning right when you stand up. oh, and dont use cigar tobacco, it gets you too fucked up and doesnt taste/burn as well as like a bag of top or whatever brand you might like of tobacco.
  12. thats whats up

  13. Of course I usually prefer rolling just marijuana joints, but I also have to use tobacco sometimes. Its a good filler if you wanna smoke a joint or two but dont want to have to fill it all with weed if in case you wanted to save some. I am not an enemy to tobacco products to begin with so its not a problem for me. I think spliffs tend to burn better anyways
  14. never smoked one so I can't knock it but I'd like to try, even though I don't smoke any tobacco products

    might make it feel better during the initial hits

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