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Tobacco buzz

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tim510, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Sup GC, so I have been smoked weed for a good while now, about 3 or 4 years, but today I decided I wanted to try tobacco so I bought some rolling tobacco and smoked a rolled cig. This shit has me buzzing so fucking hard, does everyone else buzz this hard?
  2. only till your hooked
  3. I honestly didn't enjoy it. I could not take big drags cause it was really harsh on my lungs, way harsher than weed is. It also made me a little nauseous.
  4. You don't want to start smoking. Please stop now. Yes you get a head rush if it is your first time, or it has been a while since your last cig, but that goes away fast and all that is left is addiction.
  5. Your body your choice. Its good when theres a lot on your mind than smoke one and everything clears up, well atleast thats what happens with me. Im guessing its better to smoke cigarettes that are already rolled with the little filter and everything
  6. I remember my first tobacco buzz, my legs turned to jelly and I couldn't walk straight for 20 minutes. In all seriousness though, you've satisfied your curiosity now and that's as far as you should take it.
  7. people talk about tobacco addiction is if you cant control it once your hooked your hooked etc but I have been smoking tobacco on and off for 15+ years and never became fully addicted its all about limiting your tobacco consumption and sticking to that limit, I smoke between 1 and 2 Marlborough golds which are pretty light every other day the max I would ever go to would be 4 cigs in a day but there would have to be an exception.

    Just dont start smoking everyday and youll be ok, but I agree with comments if your not wanting to smoke why start.
  8. I sometimes like to mix tobacco in with my joints, I like that
    amazing head rush then it mellows out into an amazing high. :D
  9. Thats like disrespectful to mary jane! U can smoke a cigg after but dont mix her wit that death stick!!

  10. Sorry man I just like the feeling whatever it's a pretty common thing to mix it actually but whatever.
  11. Im just givin u a hard time but that is lightweight disrespectful.
  12. Cigs are so nasty Op. that is NOT a road you wanna head down
  13. Lol that buzz won't last too long, and if you start smoking tobacco soon enough you won't get a buzz at all anymore.
  14. You get a cool buzz the first couple times you smoke but they quickly disappear. If you keep smoking, the only thing you will get from smoking cigarettes will be disease and very bad odor (especially if you choose to smoke in your house).
  15. Your post should have a disclaimer that states, "results not typical."

    You happen to personally have more self control than 99.999% of people out there. I applaud you. But let's not act like you're the norm. There's whole industries devoted to quitting smoking.
  16. I can't stand smoking with tobacco. Sometimes my friend have given me "poppers" which is a bong hit with a special piece where you can put half tobacco half weed.

    It gives you a massive headrush compared to just smoking a cig, but it makes me feel sick and gives me a headache. I do not enjoy tobacco.

    tl;dr tobacco sucks.
  17. Its nice but short, and you end up wanting it back >.< how I ended up smoking cigs for a few years. Quit while you're ahead.

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