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Tobacco bongs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kazaweed, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Okay ignoreing the fact smoking tobacco out of a bong will destroy your lungs

    Will it boost your tolorence?
  2. btw i was unclear
    i ment my tolerence ffor smoke not of high
  3. Why would you want to "boost" your tobacco tolerance.
  4. Alright what im saying is i take small hits out of a bong cuz myy tolerence for the smoke isnt that high same with ciggys and blunts small tokes

    so would it help me be able to take more smoke?

  5. This is a marijuana forum, bro:cool:
  6. Im trying to increse my tolerence for all smoke
    MJ being the main
  7. A tobacco bong is just a bong in denial
  8. lol agreed
  9. The OP means for smoke in general. Like so he won't cough up a lung when he smokes MJ. He's just smoking tobacco as practice for weed. Yeah, I did this for a couple weeks when I first started and it really works. I didn't like coughing each sesh so I just started sparking up with tobacco and my lungs got used to smoking. Tobacco is nasty as fuck but if you want to gain a "smoke" tolerance then, yes, take fat rips of tobacco.
  10. Thank you person with the brains to realise what i was saying
    blus using i little bit of tobacco in a bong is like having 60 ciggys lol
  11. no way OP, trust me you will catch your tolerance up just with weed. dont smoke that nasty shit man its a waste of money u dont wanna get hooked.

    keep it clean with MJ :smoke:
  12. i already smoke ciggys the damage is done
  13. practise makes perfect with everything, so if you want to inprove your bong smoking technique whilst at the same time not using much weed, then by all means smoke tobacco bongs just to get used it.

  14. ahh i see, well it took me about 3-4 months of daily smoking to be able to not cough anymore while taking any kind of hit, bong, blunt, waterfall etc etc.
  15. i heard smoking tobacco with a bong will make you sick cause its too much at one time it doesnt work like it weed (i dont smoke tobacco at all though thats what i heard), if you want to up your smoking skills with your bong... smoke more weed :)
  16. Tobacco will boost your cancer risk

  17. lmao! i got a chuckle out of that :D
  18. If you want to be able to smoke weed in a bong without coughing, keep smoking weed in a bong. You'll stop coughing eventually.
  19. This thread. My face.


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