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Tobacco and high tolerance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sokool24, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. My high tolerance is crazy high where I can't get high off of weed anymore due to me doing a decent amount of wax and by smoking a little more than I should. I'm going to take a 2 week tolerance break but I was wondering if smoking black and milds would keep my tolerance from dropping during the 2 week break from weed.
  2. Nah man that stuff doesn't have thc so theoretically it won't effect your T break.

    T breaks suck. I haven't had even a 2 day break in a few months.
  3. Nah tobacco will have nothing to do with your tolerance.
  4. thank you. The answer I was hoping for. I just have a bad habit of smoking anything but preferably weed. Since I can't get high I'm just substituting which really suckssss
  5. Haha it's okay man, I got quite the little habit. I smoke a pack of blacks a day and my bud, but lately have been subbing for 1/2 of a pack of blacks and vaping
  6. yea lol i also vape ejuice so it's helping me get by. i just can't wait for these 2 weeks to go by lol
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  7. Sorry to hear you can't get high. Every time I smoke weed I get high without fail. I must be lucky to have such clean lungs.
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  8. I think it's because I did wax a few times. I hear that'll raise your tolerance through the roof. I just need to get all of that out of my system until bud can get me high again
  9. Yeah intense stimulation to your receptor sites can fry your sensitivity to the dopamine release that lets you know a rewarding feeling is occurring. a shocked nervous system will just stop responding to stimuli.
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  10. Ohhh I gotcha. I'm definitely laying off the wax

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