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Toaster Oven outdoors for firecrackers?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Raqent, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Hi, I've got a quick and easy question. Essentially, I've been making firecrackers for a while and this recipe does always work (250 F decarb for 10 min, then 300 F for 15 min for the crackers themselves), although I can't make it indoors due to the smell decarbing produces. If I were to use a toaster oven outdoors in about -3 degree weather (celcius that is), will it still operate well and decarb and bake properly? Or will the cold cause it to not work out so well? Will I have to cook it for longer? It does have a pre heat setting that I ALWAYS use by the way. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  2. You're meant to Decarb for 40 minutes not just 10:confused_2:
  3. No decarbing for 10 works but only for this recipe. The 15 min for 300 after is the sweet temperature for firecrackers. Yes, for cookies or brownies or anything else really, a full decarb would be best. But for this, 10 min is enough for it. I'm not sure if it's the most efficient, but it's what I've been doing for a long while. There WAS a time when I fucked up and did 300 F for 10 min, the weed was much darker and looked almost burnt, although it still worked since I remember the come up intensifying VERY quickly. Sadly, I fell asleep and never got to experience it and fully compare it to 250 F :(
  4. Get yourself a $3 oven thermometer, put it inside the toaster oven, and then you'll know what the temperature is. I used a toaster oven until about 18 months ago, and now use smell-free Ardent Lift/Nova.
    Most firecracker recipes have a 2 stage decarb, and yours is 250 F (approximately 33% decarb) and in-oil at 300 F (unknown amount of decarb).
    Air decarb at 300 F is about 5 minutes, but it's different inside oil, so it might not be completely accurate.
    My testing has proved to me that a single decarb works at least as well for firecrackers, and 240 F for 40 min is optimal, as is 250 F for 30 min. Then the herb can be ground to fine powder and mixed with anything oily and eaten, or baked after mixing into the oil of any short-bake recipe.
    You might try this with the single dose that you normally use, and compare. I've done it with as little as 1/2 gram.
    I often keep bowls of decarbed herb powder mixed with homemade nutella.
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  5. Thanks for the reply, I'll try these ones I currently made with 250 F for 10 min, but next time I will decarb for 30 min @ 250 F, then mix it in a brownie recipe and see how it compares. I made 2 crackers (one 0.5 other 0.7), so next time I will do the same your method. Thanks again :)
  6. I have no oven so I decarb in a sealed mason jar in a crock pot water bath, and then make firecrackers in a toaster oven. I put extra peanut butter around the edges to try and seal it, it smells a lot less if no herb is exposed. Some strains make stinkier firecrackers than others. I have to be really careful about smell too, and if I keep the window open and spray a bit of febreeze, it's pretty manageable. The first time I accidentally stunk up the hallway but I'm not the only cannabis user in my building so I don't know if it bothered anyone, or if they could tell it was me. I just minimize time I leave weed out, exposed and smelly.

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