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    The other day, must have been a week ago, i made a thread about wanting to leave the city. I was having a bad day that day; failed a physics final I had studied for for weeks, got way too high after (was on a t-break) and that led to me being a paranoid sob. It was not an attempt for pity nor is this, I just wanted to tell you guys i'll be sticking around.
    When I realized the next day that I had made a mistake I was too embarrassed to keep posting.

    To those who said i'll be back, welp, you were right, it's just impossible to resist the urge of this place. I would consider grasscity a hard drug, due to the highly euphoric effects it produces, and leaves the user wanting more. It is also very addictive.

    So I guess this is my ''return address'' har har,
  2. GC is addictive i love it
  3. That's why when I leave, I'll just leave. Maybe post some VM's to certain people but no formal thread, fuck that. And when I do go it's not like I'll be gone forever, just because I can't get to the internet for extended periods of time.

    We all make mistakes man, and don't sweat that final, shit happens and life goes on regardless.

    Just be happy brother.
  4. [ame=]YouTube - The Room - "Oh Hi" compilation (!!Spoiler!!)[/ame]

  5. This will soon be my new sig. :laughing:

    Welcome back sir! :wave:

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