To Transplant or Not?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by thorne_1620, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I am heading out of town in three days for a week and my lil girls (_prays_) are 10 days old. I have someone to water, but I do not want to slow down growth by waiting till I get back into town to transplant out of solo cups to their final resting place. They look pretty stout and I have seen folks on this site transplant smaller, weaker lookin sprouts. But I have also seen first grows fail in epic proportions form a dumb noob mistake like transplanting too soon. I just wanted to get an opinion as to folks experiences before I decide for sure. I always hear do not transplant before 2 weeks... (PS the person watering for me is good to do a simple watering, but not to see if the transplant went well or if the plants were stressing.... Not that I am any more qualified... :(...)

    Here is a pic from yesterday to give you an idea of the size/duribility of the brood:


    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Stay green.
  2. i would say go ahead and transplant them.

    you cant transplant to early. just make sure you keep the roots all intact.

    the way i do it, is i get scissors and cut the solo cup down the side, and cut the solo cup off the dirt by cutting around the bottom. the dirt generally stays together in a big block. then throw it in some dirt in a bigger pot.

    the roots will just continue to grow out into the new larger area.

    good luck!
  3. Go ahead and transplant just as SD Sensi described by cutting the cups, being careful not to damage the roots. Done properly, and it isn't difficult with those containers, your plants will have no idea what happened.

    I can promise you that 13 days is too long for their current containers on top of their 10 day veg time already.
  4. Thanks for the fast responses. I will go ahead and plan to transplant on Friday as described by SD Sensi, and that will give me a day to check their response before I have to leave. Just my first grow attempt and I want everything to be perfect, you know? Thanks again for the advice.^^

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