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  1. I am trying to decide what to do with this plant.
    I got the seed from a bag of decent pot I overpaid for. I started growing it in some bullshit ecoscraps organic potting soil because I didn’t know any better. It doesn’t drain water at all. I moved it to a pot that was too big too soon and I think it only grew because I was using a spray bottle to water it and wasn’t giving it that much water.

    It was growing a little slow from what I had seen online so I added like a table spoon of ecoscraps plant food that was 5-4-5 and the tips started to turn brown and die. I wasn’t sure if it was because the pot was too big or because I added the food so I replanted it in a smaller container and flushed it. The tips are still turning brown with new growth and the soil is still wet from flushing it four days ago but It has grown at least an inch since I re-potted it.

    The stems are starting to turn a little purple but my room stays about 68-72 F so that may be the cause for that. I am currently germinating three auto seeds I ordered and I am going to grow these in the proper soil with better lights.

    My main concern is that the plant has some bugs or disease and it will spread to my new plants. I don’t even know if this current plant is a female or not but I hate to throw a month of growth away if it can be saved. If I do decide to toss it should I wipe the area down with bleach or anything if I plan to grow there soon?
  2. Ok the first thing you need is drainage in your pot.
    It looks like it's in a plastic storage container. Did you poke any holes on the bottom?
    It too young to be feeding nutes.
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  3. I did put about 12 holes in the bottom. Thank you for the reply Hamato
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  4. It's a pretty wide container. I would get something like this if you can.
    • [​IMG]
    Has some drainage holes built in. Try not to overwater at this stage
  5. Yo wild thing, just had the same problem as you basically. I germed up one of my mystery seeds from my first order from nirvana. Not knowing if it's a male or female, I used some shit soil I think when I transplanted. It burnt the hell out of the growth I already had, much worse than what you have going on. Still not knowing if it's a male or female, I just kept it in the same soil and flushed it, then just put it in a sunnier spot outside my house. A week later, the new growth is looking real healthy, the previous growth towards the bottom of the plant is mostly dead sadly. Since it has recovered, my plan of attack is to just let it keep growing outside without much attention until I find out if it's male or female. At worse, it's a male and you pull it. If it's a female, let it grow while you tend to your autos, hopefully you'll pull some g's off it
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  6. don't use clear containers bad for the roots and possible algae
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  7. I hear you. Ive been looking all over at different ways to tell if its a female quicker lol. Ive moved it to some better soil so well see. Good luck with your plant bud. I guess its all part of the learning process
  8. Thanks for the info pat, i appreciate your reply.
  9. I agree with getting the proper pot with drainage. You'd do well to use 50/50 perlite mixture with what you have there.

    The new growth looks really good and healthy. Wait until week five or six before using any kind of nutes on it. Young plants will get nute burn for sure which is why your bottom leaves are browned. Like I said though, overall, the plant looks pretty good. I'd say you have a pretty plant on your hands with a little bit of change!
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  10. I have repotted it in a mix of half ocean forest half mixture of perlite and compressed coco and flushed it with proper ph balanced water. Its now in a 1.5 gallon pot with extra drainage holes. I really appreciate you guys helping me out.

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