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To toke or not to.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I've got a cold recently and my nose is kinda stuffed and i feel groggy. should i smokeee? Would it make it better or worse?
  2. do it i always smoke when im sick it makes me feel better

  3. alrightt ill smoke a lil bit :smoke:
  4. SmokeSmokeSmoke :smoke: :D
  5. I prefer Sativas when I am sick, maybe a little Indica but thats just me personally.
  6. If you smoke your stomach will probably feel better (if you are feeling stomach-sick that is.)
  7. good decision guys! starting to feel alot better. just smoked a small bowl a couple minutes ago.
  8. Just goes to prove that marijuana is a great medicine :)

  9. it even cleared my nose up a bit!
  10. The answer is to smoke.

    This applies to everything
  11. I find smoking when I'm sick makes me feel a whole lot better, mainly because it allows me to eat normally again.
    Hit a bong with hot water in it, the steam really soothes your throat and makes the smoke heaps smoother.
  12. personally it makes me forget why I was even sick lol..toke up!

  13. Hold joint up to nose, inhale, nose toke = instant sinus clearing relief. ;)

    But yeah man, I always feel better smoking when I am sick. Makes the pain and discomfort so much more tolerable :smoke:
  14. Oh yea burn bro haha
  15. There's nothing that a Mucinex and a blunt won't cure.

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