to the unmotivated and depressed blades...long post..might be stupid

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  1. well today i broke through to the other side. not how i expected it to happen, but it's about fucking time. well i had a girl and well she was literally the one. i had fucked up very badly. i stopped talking to her about a month after we got really serious. i ignored her for a month. looking back it is the single most retarded thing i've ever done. well after months of us not talking i decided to man up and talk to her about it. i went over to her house to night and we talked for hours about everything we missed out on over the months..
    she told me she's tired of dating immature guys and that resonated with me.
    iwent home and started to do what i normally do, get depressed and blame myself and hate myself. then i remembered what she said.

    then i looked at myself...i truely looked. i saw potential to do what i need to do in life. i saw the capability to change things for the better. being mature isn't just picked up...for me at least....i figured out that i have to strive for it.
    i sit around unmotivated and unwilling to do anything that i need to do...i sit around hating myself for it and in the back of my mind i guess i thought that some miricle cure would come around the bend and i'd magically be mature and happy.

    they're both meant to be persuded and i can't chase when i'm unwilling. the most difficult life problems tend to have the easiest solution..... all i need to do is make myself....
    sure i don't want to get up at 8am to go get spare keys made....but goddamn get the fuck up and get the damn keys made.

    i've been told numerous times that all it takes is willpower. it's sad that i have to make a big mistake and hurt someone i care so much about to see what i need to do, but that's how my life has worked all these years.
    i'm sick of being depressed, unmotivated, unwilling and immature. i know many of you won't read this due to it's length and those that do and that are like me won't get it until they learn it for themselves, but it's worth a shot right

    that's the only reason i'm writting this at 4am....iwant to help someone out. i don't want this pain and regret for anyone...not even my worst enemy

    everyone has the potential to be happy....but you gotta be willing to chase it
    i hope this gets through to someone
  2. That was really something man. You got through to me.

  3. I second this.
  4. [quote name='"nizzbomb69"']sarcasm?[/quote]

    Wtf are you talking about?
    Op, that was good man keep ya head up. Im gonna try to be more fuckin motivated from now on
  5. Good shit bro. fuck procrastination and the search for life's meaning. wastes too much damn time.
  6. For real man this shit rings true. A lot of the time I feel like I'm just waiting for my life to begin.
  7. I wish I could man up but I'm too big of a pussay
  8. Do what makes you happy in life. If being immature makes you happy, go for it.

    Everybody is immature, they just learn to hide it better.

    If you seriously want to learn to change, go to bed so you can get your keys made tomorrow
  9. Good post OP
    Its great see people helping each other put. You never know who could be going through the exact same thing as you , and today you've helped em. God bless you
  10. This is good stuff. Well spoke.
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    sorry lol i'm just use to sarcastic blades. thanks for the reply
    i've been a bitch for too long, man and i'm sick of it. you got this bro

    thanks guys...i'm fucking stoked on all the positive feedback. good luck everyone :)

    edit: btw....spare keys...made
  12. good for you man, it always feels good to know you're becoming better at LIFE, an I can understand why you posted!
  13. +rep. thanks man! good post, brightened my day a bit.
  14. Great post! Def hit home for me man
  15. Wow NIzz... thats some real shit!. thanks for that.
  16. you're welcome guys. never thought i'd get this much positive feed back. just shows me more and more that i'm making a good decision...glad i can share my experience with others. glad i'm able to put all this into words.
    love you guys
  17. Good post and I completely agree. I've been in a rut for the past 3 years, but I feel halfway out, at least compared to the lowest point at the beginning of it all. I'm out of most of my college debt and fixing up a buttload of depression and unmotivation, and while I don't have much to show for it, I feel pretty proud about how far I've come. And I'm even working on my bad saving habit and setting myself up for 6 months of paid rent, food, and utilities (After telling myself for forever that I was going to do that, I finally am) while I finish my writing.

    Like you said, it's about working your willpower. Stretch that muscle, even if it's just to start keeping a clean room more often, you'll start finding yourself more zoned in on being productive.
  18. I had this same epiphany a couple weeks ago.

    +Rep, brother. Keep your head up and keep moving forward!

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