To the people who do / have done coke...

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  1. To all the people who do coke, or have done it... What is it you look for when looking for it? Prices? Product?.. etc.. What is it that you want?
  2. Being a former dealer of that stuff, my advice, don't look for it at all. Stay the hell away from it. I've seen OD's, people shot over disputes, homes and cars repossesed. Divorces, and suicide, and all because of that little white powder. I thank God every day that I made outa that lifestyle alive. Stick with what God gave you. Stick with what grows naturally out of the ground. Weed and shrooms are the only buzzes you need.
  3. Generally anything under $50 for a gram is a good deal, depends on location though. When looking at the product, I find that the more compressed harder shit is usually better. Also if it looks kind of shiny or has a glimmer to it, then it's definitely good. Don't get hooked though, it can be fun every once in a while but don't let it control you.
  4. lol I get over a gram for 35
  5. It's generally between 30 and 50 a gram depending on your location.

    If you should decide to do it, definitely get the shit from someone you trust. Never having done it, you're a pretty prime target for some asshole to hook you up with some crushed up pain killers or tweak instead of blow. Color me paranoid, but I've seen it happen before.
  6. I'm looking for the beige or the raw
  7. Cocaines just an extract from the cocoa plant, am I right? So wouldn't that mean it DOES grow in the ground...

    People used to suck on the leaves for a little buzz/uplifting feeling.

    Coke can be used responsibly. Honestly, unless you have an addictive personality, its kinda hard to get addicted, unless you go and do it quite a bit.

    My advice:

    Try it once. If you like it keep it to like twice a year at most.
  8. I agree that its something you have to abuse to become addicted, or have an addictive personalty.

    ive done coke maybe... 4 times in my life.. and never once had the urge to go on a crime spree to get more. Hell, i never once even paid for it.

    I think you'd have to have an unbelievable about of cocoa plants to get anything substantial.. like 1,000's of acres.
  9. Yea, I know it takes A LOT of extraction to get coke... thats why it was such a small buzz from suckin on a leaf (though i highly doubt it would take 1000s of acres), but the point was that it actually does grow naturally, and like you said, must be abused to really create problems.
  10. maybe, thatd be kinda cool to have a couple of cocoa plants.. ive never done any research so i have no clue about how well it would grow or anything.. but i wonder if various off-shore ethno vendors would sell cocoa plant seeds.. i think i have seen them at
  11. quality is what i look for, and it takes a field of plants to yield a half ounce so growing a couple plants would do nothing. I have done a lot of coke and nothing is better than some flame shit.
  12. Well I was just talking about having 1 or 2 small plants so you could suck or chew on the leaves and get a little buzz. i think thatd be pretty fucking cool.
  13. oh yeah I think your mouth would get a little numb but that's probably all, i know tribes used to chew on them and shit
  14. coke is bad and gets you into trouble real quick. Stick with weed. One day you just trying out some coke, the next day your passed out in a huge mountain of coke like on scarface. That shits 4 real....
  15. Words of a smart person! My friend got crushed up pills and his nose was bleeding all night. Somone you trust is the best way to do it.
  16. I'm not an expert on coca plants or anything, put I know they grow as small trees and I'm pretty sure if you had 10 full grown plants, you would be able to get close to a gram of white from them. That's just a rough estimate though. I watched a video about the production of cocaine and the drug's effect on Colombia's economy in high school and they went pretty in depth about the process involved in extracting it. It also said that the locals chew on the leaves, and it does have a significant effect especially if you have no built up tolerance to the drug. They said it's similar to the effects of drinking a cup or two of coffee, only I guess with a more cocainish kind of feeling. :D
  17. .... Not quite.
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  19. I love how in every cocaine thread, someone has to post the 'how cocaine is made' video as if it's actually going to change any minds.

    He didn't ask whether or not he should try cocaine. :rolleyes:
  20. speaking of cocaine SWIM is doing a line right now

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