To the ladies: How do you get dried cum out of your hair?

Discussion in 'General' started by WhereRDaCookies, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So I work in a factory and I got a shit ton of industrial strength resin in my hair. We use it for infusing sheets of fiberglass together into one solid sheet of glass. This shit is crazy the resin has hardened into a glass like consistency around strands of hair. It feels like shards of glass are permanently stuck to my head XD.

    So whats the trick? I know you guys get cum stuck in your hair all the time and it's probably a similar situation. Do you have any tips for me?

  2. Try using battery acid, that should do the trick.
  3. Why are you comparing dried cum to industrial strength resin? Maybe that's just a cover story and you're really asking how to get dried cum out of your hair
  4. I hate the way cum goes when you go in the shower. All bitty and it gets everywhere.
  5. ill doooo some research brb
  6. It usually just comes out with shampoo.
  7. :|

    I don't even... I.... I'm not high enough to deal with this shit! *walks off*
  8. I git that shit all over my hands once, I used a bunch if acetone in a rag and it took awhile, if its in your hair your just fucked, gotta buzz it
  9. It blows for you guys/gals who have water that makes cum coagulate and get all sticky...our water just washes it away lol
  10. [quote name='"PrincessTHC"']:|

    I don't even... I.... I'm not high enough to deal with this shit! *walks off*[/quote]

    Bahaha, that just reminded me of my best friend.

  11. For real though, go check the MSDS of the resin and see if it has any information on removing it from your hair. It might not be possible.
  12. haha don't deny it, you're gay
  13. Nah just pokin some fun at some bitches.
  14. urinate on your head.
  15. Can't you wear a hat or a bandana or something? Get proactive about that stuff.
  16. Maybe use a solvent and try combing it out. Really sounds like haircut time.

    Peace, Love, Weed, Good Vibes Your way :)
  17. Wash your hair with bitch shampoo.
  18. Just shave your head and start fresh...

    And tell your bro to work on his aim a little better. Money shots are for the face.

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