to the class of 2006!

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. congratz to anyone whos a member of the class of 2006. i graduated last night, partied last night got wicked hammered, woke still half cocked and drove home, smoked like 6 bowls and 2 joints and im fucking HIGH! i had a hard time finding my way home.

    last night this kid who is a school legand. we almost had that mtv thing about outrageous senior pranks. on our BRAND NEW $3.5 million dollar football field, this kid drew an 80 yard "cock n' balls" with iodized salt. it killed the grass into the dick. they made him replace the grass in the field. well since it was only the top layer of grass they replaced, the salt slowly kills the grass. to this day you can still see the penis.

    i was smoking joints, cigarettes, blunts, bowls, anything i could get my hands on with this kid and we were drinking. i felt SO HONORED! this kid is the shit. plus hes a new weed hook-up.

    well again, congradulations to the class of 2006! weather it be high school or college, we did it!
  2. 06!!!!! thats what im talkin about, finally fucking done with highschool.....
    representing "masshole" too as you so elequently put it! MASS 06 is where itsss atttt!
  3. I'm class of '06 as well. From Springfield, Ma. I got so blasted/ trashed on graduation!!! great times, congrats guys!
  4. I am class of 06 too... I have school till June 16th but last night was our prom and I got so fucked up and got everything I could ask for...
  5. haha i live in west springfield
  6. I would be graduating now too, but i tested out last year, and now im going to community college.
  7. finished but got fookin exams n shit :(
  8. 06 should be my graduation year aswell, but i dropped out a few years ago, GED all the way.:D:D
  9. well in celebration of me getting my siploma i drank myself retarted and smoked myself so high i couldnt find my way home. this weekend was most excelent. i was fucked up every night since thursday... only today i have to work
  10. Nice man, nice.

    The last night all my friends and I were at college this year, we bought the following for one night haha

    5 kegs of beer
    enough coke
    quarter ounce of Skunk
    Personal fifths of Grey Goose
    cigs of course

    Basically we blew it up, had a huge f''ing party, and a few of us were blowing a line ever 20-30 minutes and we were feeling amazing and had the time of our lives. SOOO many people came. The whole from lawn was littered with people with cups, we had one keg tapped on the porch, one tapped in the kitchen, and the spare full kegs locked away. Beer pong and flip cup all night, ,I have no idea how many people showed up. Cops were driving by slowly but didn't do anything...

    I blacked out and woke up on the porch somehow, I think we passed out around 7am but I'm not thing I remember is that there were still a lot of people here when it was light out ha.
  11. 06 right here!!!
    the night we graduated, my principle died. Rip MR Cooper.

    But thats just hardcore killing out teachers lol.
  12. Hell Yea Holdin It Down For The 06 Crew Of Miami!!
  13. If I hadnt failed so much i would be done this year, next year for sure though.

  14. Lmao, Same.
  15. i just drank the rest of the chick smirnoff drinks my friends GF gave me and a few beers. needless top say im very buzzed and wicked blasted. i just smoked a FAT j... and i just figure out how to load porn on my ipod... haha

  16. Good, at least u have something, im fukin tired of seeing ppl with ipod video's and no video. Im like dude... you just wasted 150$ gj.
  17. nah dude the only reason i got the video was for THE VIDEO. i mean otherwise i would have gotten some 4g or 3g on ebay for like 1.4 the price. i decided to go 100% new and i wanted the video. im also very picky about mine and scratches. i left mine in th original overlay and i have a neoprene case. haha i know im a freak.

  18. Your not a freak you're just mindful of your stuff, thats a good attribute, shows your not a spoiled brat. :)
  19. hellz yeah dude Class of '06!
  20. Damn, this thread got me reminiscing on my graduation day.

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