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to share or not to share>

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Punks Not Dead, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. im goin to this party later...and my frien wants me to share some of my pot with him (its kinda my friend, not too close...and i only got enough for 2 bowls) now this is some pretty decent stuff...2 hits from my bowl will fuck me over...but its halloween, i want to get COMEPLETELY RIPPED! like...outta my fuckin skull man, i =havnt had any in about a week, i been savin it...and im wonderin if i should share a lot or a little (im gonna share some, im not an asshole) so yah...i dunno, i guess im most of the way to being outta my fuckin skull...LOL WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. if this is your pot give your friend a bit, if it's a paryty im sure you'll find others who will let you smoke, and what about alcohol? drink up..

    enjoy the party, i'm just home from out,,, bit earlyh, it;s afte 1 but we'r realy mesed up, me and some mates had drink and smokjing hashish, the packedness of the joints was unreal..oh god

  3. i share usally .
  4. IF you decide to share, be sure that you get the first toke.
    Free reefage has a way of going up in smoke before it
    gets around to you. Charity begins at home and if you only got enough for 2 bowls, then I would Bogart it all.

    Free smoke draws moochers like turds draw flies.

    Like the TV preacher said "All you peoples sends me your money. Ain't no point in all of us being po'."

    You need to find a better class of druggie to hang out with.

    Of course, buying love and friendship with smoke is one way to have a gaggle of companions around.

    Just my opinion.
    I could be wrong.

  5. blah old thread, howd it go okie?

    what DD said!!!!


    everything comes in circles :D

    and duh blah duh! get ripped :) and get high as blah! lol...

    yeah see me point?

    get everyone high, you, get high, and dont worry, the world isnt running out of ganja! get more tomorrow if need be!!
  6. I agree with OkieTokie, you need to move up in your "drug" class. Those people you hang out with now just smoke because everyone else is doing it. They don't want to take the time to buy the shit.
  7. You know,
    I have been getting high alone for so long (15 years) that I guess I consider it a private affair. Don't get me wrong, I do like passing a joint around with old friends and talking about the old days, but getting high with a group of people I kinda know makes me nervous.

    In any group of druggies, there are going to be some freaks, some real narcs, some gossips who tell who was were and some moochers who only want a free high.

    Of course, I have been out of the house party circuit since about 1978 or so. Ahhhhh, those were the daze. I really do miss the 60's and 70's. $10.00 OZ's and $10.00 per hundred lot of 'white cross' speed tabs. Seee, if we was old friends and were passing a joint around, we would be talking shit like that.

    I will get old friends (over 15 years of association) high with all I got (Except my emergency stash, which is to be used only when all out of other smoke and I am alone) but new people only get about 2 free trips before they either have to produce some of their own or be willing to do something to earn it. Kind of like 'What would you do for a Klondike Bar?"

    Since I have been getting high alone so long, I guess the above is just my imagination running away with me. Dowhah, dowah.

    But as a last thought, sharing the last of the smoke with someone who you want to sex up (and you feel you have a shot at shooting at) is always good. That is an even exchange and should be viewed as trading a fuck-up for a fuck-on. Just a change in 2 letter words. Small deal.

    Gotta go.
    Time for my electroshock treatments.......

    But I regress,
  8. i always share i hate smoking alone . it is very boring and you dont have as much fun . so yea you should share maybe 1 bowl save the other for your slef
  9. Sharings kool and i dont mind to do it because when i dont have weed one of my friends will usually smoke me up so its all good but, last week me and boy nick were smokin an i invited myfriend dave over who didnt have ne bud(and never does) but hes kool so it was fine with me but when he came over he pissed me off realy bad. I dont mind being geneorus with my weed and smokin up nick and dave but when dave came over he brought his asshole friend greg along. Now i only had a gram and i didnt mind smokin up 2 people but 3 (one i dont even like) wasnt gonna happen . so me and nick were in the middle of a bowl when dave came down and right behind him is greg. So i told greg i only had a bowl left( i actually had 3) and he still wanted to smoke. Can you believe it the freeloader still wanted to even though there would be 4 people smokin 1 bowl. So i didnt smoke, so after hanging around an hour doing nothing waiting for them to laeve the buzz i had from the first bowl i lost. I hate you greg.
  10. I just want you all to know how generous I am with this little story from halloween.

    I had been smoking out people with tons of joints and bowls, and I had little nug left perfect for a fat bowl. I had been wanting that bowl to myself alllll night, and was planning to smoke it before I crashed. So my friend shows up and he's not high and then I remembered my rule: share your stuff, no matter how much you have. (unless it's an unreasonably small amount and you won't get high) So I go "Hey, dude, I want you to have that last nug!"
    Made me feel real good. Then he came over and split it with me, so it was all good. And more weed came of course, so it was even better.
  11. I dont smoke with people i dont like.... I will come out and blantley tell them " I am bout to go smoke a bowl so you stay here while I go smoke " People screw my highs all up if i dont like them... Ill sit there and analyze everthing about them everthing i hate about them... Till i get pissed and just Slap them for FUCKING WITH MY HIGH..... Theres nothing worse then that. I got like 15 close friends..... One of them at least everday has least a good sack... We stay high.... but we do have these Moochers who just come around with the Bud smell...... If it anit my bud i wont say anything but if its my bud and i feel like they just around for the green then ill tell them naaa You cant smoke cuz i anit got much but this Half *smiles* I know its mean but ya gotta do it..

  12. omfg, i feel the same way, WORD WORD

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