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  1. Okay so my first to attempts to build a working growth cab haven't worked always one or two things wrong with what i had done. So this time i do believe that i have what i need to grow a very complete plant. I have taken some pictures and i would like to know what GC thinks of what i have set up. Then another thing is that i don't know if i should go with a SCROG grow or just let them grow. This would be my first grow that works. So tell me what you think and give me as many tips as you can. The biggest thing is i already know that i need more fans. Theres pictures of the grow space and the vents, there is also a make shift humidifier.

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  2. Scrog would be the best way to get the most out of that space, your temps need some work though....gluck
  3. Best way of starting to Scrog would be? and also i didn't take a picture with the shelf in but I'm lowering it as the plants grow to help with them not stretching. At about what hight do i start the scrog? TY and also your Yoda Cave is the Shit!
  4. So ive made my mind up and have decided to SCROG this grow. Can i get any advice as to how to start it right?

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