To much nitro def?

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  1. Hey everyone first post in a while been busy with my latest grow. Im growing trainwreck under a 250w hps in coco medium. I began flushing at the end of week 6 but now at the end of week 7 almost all the leaves are yellow just a few hints of green around the buds. Is it worth fertilising as I'm not 100% sure if theres one or 2 weeks left (gh seeds says 1 but who can really be sure) I dont want to miss out on the last 2 weeks of fattening up because of defeciancys whats the opinion on gc? No pics atm best i can do to describe. Leaves have gone from green to yellow over 2 days yellowing is on all fan leaves even those coming out of the buds. To fertilise or not to fertilise that is the question.
  2. You should take a look at the trichs to see how far along they are. Do you have a small microscope or magnifier?
  3. It's normal to have a nitrogen deficiency at the end of flowering...I'd start flushing rather than feeding it nutes at the end. It may make your buds taste bad.
  4. It's normal but its never got this far along before normally just a few leaves not all of them started getting paranoid about getting yellow buds :p

    Im going to get some macro shots when the lights are on to check the trichs will give them the chop as soon as theres no clear 1s and put some pics in here.
  5. i doubt youll have yellow buds

    if it gets real serious, try making a earthworm casting tea or something, I definately wouldnt give them a chemical fert though this late in flower

    either a tea, or maybe just a top dressing (lay some on top of the soil and water). maybe a tiny dose of alaska fish fert (5-1-1, but all organic)

    if you have to add, just be sure its organic, otherwise youll want to add another flush

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